NEET PG Previous Year Questions Download

You already Know How Important is previous year question for Preparation of any exam 

But Lets Look at this Year NEET PG Exams.

There will be Total 18 Papers (9 days X 2 Sessions ) each with 300 Questions

Total of About 6000 Questions 

Do You Know What Does it mean ??

There will be loads of repeated questions.  Why ? Lets look at facts

When previously when 1 paper of 240 or 300  Questions was there almost 15-20 % Questions were direct repeats while another 20-30% were indirect repeats. Consider what will be the repeat % if the No of actual questions formed is About 6000

Now You wonder why they make you sign a NON – DISCLOSURE Agreement for not sharing these question :)

I have been collecting these Questions asked in NBE / NEET PG / DNB and Now its available in form of an app for Download.

So for Last few days before NEET PG Here is something which can really help you

  1. NEET PG Actual Questions (One Liners Mobile App) with more than 3979 Actual Questions
  2. 8 Full Length Tests (300 Questions Each) based on Previous Year Questions
  3. 10 Image Based Tests (Designed for NEET PG)

You can easily benefit 30-50 additional questions by solving these one liners and Flash Cards.

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Compilation of One Liners & Revision Notes

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FLASH Cards based on Questions Asked in Previous Year Exams

Learn , Search , Bookmark and Do Much More

Intelligent System – Automatically Records What You Typically Forget

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Completely Offline – No Need of Internet Once Downloaded


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