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Below is the exhaustive list of Collection of Latest Investigation of Choice as asked in NEET PG and DNB Exams in past few years.



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Diagnosis/ Disease Investigation of Choice
All space occupying lesions MRI of brain
Acute pancreatitis CT scan
Acalculous cholecystitis HIDA scan
Acoustic Neuroma Gd – enhanced MRI
Anal fissure Local examination under LA
Aneurysm Angiography
Any paranasal sinus FESS
Amyloidosis Abdominal fat biopsy/Rectal Biopsy + Congo red stain
Any other condition of ear HRCT
Aortic dissection Patient is stable – MRI

Patient is unstable – TEE

Any metastases/ Muscle/Soft tissue MRI
Calculous cholecystitis USG
Cardiotoxicity Following CT/RT – biopsy
Cardiac tamponade ECHO
Chronic subarachnoid


Flair MRI
Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis USG
Chronic sinusitis CT scan
Chronic pancreatitis ERCP
CIN Cytology (pap)
C1- C2  Jefferson’s fracture Odontoid view
Carotid stenosis Doppler / MR angio / CT angio
CSF Rhinorrhea CT scan
Diverticulosis Barium enema
Diverticulitis CT scan
Diffuse esophageal Spasm, Achalasia and any motility disorder of esophagus Manometry
Down’s syndrome ECHO
DCIS Mammography
Emergency in case of stable patient FAST
Esophageal perforation Flexible endoscopy
Extra adrenal pheochromocytoma MRI
Gastric bleed Tc99  RBC scan >> Angiography
Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) Gold standard-24 hr pH mon­itoring (Demeester score)

Best – endoscopy

Heart transplant rejection Biopsy
Hirschsprung disease Rectal biopsy
FNH of liver Tc99 sulfur colloid scan
FAP Sigmoidoscopy
Hydrocephalus Infants – USG

Adults – MRI

Head injures

Parenchymal bleeds

Subarachnoid hemorrhage

Non contrast CT
Insulinoma Intra operative endoscopic ultra sound (EUS)
Intersititial Lung disease, bronchiectasis HRCT
Lymphangiomyomatosis HRCT
Le Fort’s fracture CT scan
Meningiomas Gd-enhanced MRI
Minimal ascites USG
Neuroendocrine tumours Somatostatin receptor scintigraphy(SRS)
Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma Contrast CT (Antral sign)
Obstructive jaundice USG
Osteoporosis DEXA scan
Osteomyelitis Bone scan (Tc99 MDP)
Ovarian reserve FSH
Parathyroid glands Sestamibi scan, Tc-thallium scan subtraction
Pre operative Insulinoma Intra arterial Ca+2 injection angiography
Post menopausal, Uterine bleeding Fractional curettage
Pneumo peritoneum X-ray abdomen in left lateral decubitus
Pulmonary sequestration CT Angio
Pheochromocytoma MIBG scan
Pericardial effusion ECHO
Pericarditis CT > MRI
Pneumo thorax CXR PA view with full expiration
Pulmonary embolism PTA (Gold standard) > Doppler > D-Dimer  (screening)
Recurrence of  a tumor PET scan
Reticulo endothelial system Tc99 sulfur colloid scan
Recurrent GIST PET scan
Rhabdo myosarcoma MRI
Reversible myocardial Ischemia Thallium scan
Superior sulcus tumor CE – MRI
Subacute intestinal obstruction X-ray abdomen
Schwannomas Gd-enhanced MRI
Sella turcica Lateral view of x-ray skull
Synovial pathology Gd-enhanced MRI
Temporal bone CT scan
Traumatic paraplegia MRI
Thyroid & breast FNAC
Toxoplasmosis IgA – ISAGA > IgM
Advanced renal TB CECT
Ca prostrate DRE  + PSA

(IOC) Trans rectal USG (Gold)


Ca bladder Malignant cell cytology in urine → Cystocopy
Early renal TB IVP
Functional kidney diseases (perfusion) MAG – 3  > DTPA
Neural tube defects :-

Best Amniotic fluid Acetyl cholinesterase
Next best Amniotic fluid AFP
Earliest USG (8–10 weeks)
Screening Maternal serum AFP
Polycystic kidney disease USG
Posterior urethral valve MCU (VCU)
Renal cortical mass Tc99 DMSA
Renal calculi Non contract CT
Renal hypertension Spiral CT
Renal cell carcinoma Vascular thrombosis – Color Doppler
Structural kidney diseases DMSA
Ureteric colic & stones Plain CT
Vesico ureteric reflux MCU (VCU)



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