Q: A 35 Year Old Male complained of sudden onset dysphagia to both Solids and Liquids weeks after febrile illness. The Barium Shallow is shown in the image. Most Probable Diagnosis is ? A : Carcinoma Esophageus  B : Carcinoma Stomach C : Achalasia Cardia D : Ca Larynx Show Answer Ans: C Explanation Typical […]

Q: Differential Diagnosis of the following condition will include ? A : Lichen planus B : Psoriasis C : Phemphigus D : Arsenic poisoning Show Answer Ans: B Explanation Image shows pitting of nails as seen in psoriasis

Q: Identify the Type of Le Forte Fracture as shown in the image A : Type II B : Type III C : Type IV D : None of the Above Show Answer Ans: B Explanation

Q: Identify the Structure Marked D in the Image  A : Lateral Meniscus B : Lateral Collateral Ligament C : Anterior Cruciate Ligament D : Posterior Cruciate Ligament Show Answer Ans: A Explanation

Q: A Presented with Fever with cervial lymphadenopathy. On Examination the following us seen. What will be the most effective line of treatment A : Oral Antibiotics B : Multivitamins  C : Steroids D : I V Immunoglobulins Show Answer Ans: D Explanation The imgae shows strawberry tounge as seen in Kawasaki Ds. The Treatment […]

Q: Following complications occurs commonly in the fracture as seen in the xray , EXCEPT:  A : Malunion B : Shoulder stiffness C : Carpal tunnel syndrome D : Delayed union Show Answer Ans: D Explanation Xray Shows Colles Fracture 

Q: Identify the bacteria which shows the following growth on culture ? A : Proteus B : Listeria C : Mycoplasma D : Clostridium Show Answer Ans: C Explanation The growth is typical of Mycoplasma – Fried Egg Colony Apperance 

Scabies Burrow

Q: Identify the Skin Lesion as shown in the diagram A : Atopic Dermatitis B : Pemphigus Vulgaris C : Scabies D : Fungal Infection Show Answer Ans: C Explanation The Image shows the typical burrowing lesion as seen in scabies

Q: Cross Section of Arterioile shows the following histology. Diagnosis ? A : Atherosclerosis B : Medial calcific sclerosis C : Hyaline arteriosclerosis D : Hyperplastic arteriosclerosis Show Answer Ans: D Explanation The Histology Shows Onion Peel Appearance   Hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis: Associated with malignant hypertension. It is a concentric, cellular thickening (i.e., onion-skinning) of the wall […]

Identify the Deficiency Disease

Q: Identify the nutritional deficiency as seen in the image A : Thiamine B : Riboflavin C : Niacin D : Methionine Show Answer Ans: C Explanation Figure shows a rash around a neck. This rash is known as Casal’s necklace because it forms a ring around the neck; it is seen in advanced cases of niacin […]