Q: Alpha D Glucose and Beta D Glucose are examples of ? A : Epimers B : Anomers  C : Opitcal Isomers  D : Stereoisomers Show Answer Ans: B Explanation They are Anomers 

Difference between D and L Glucose

Q: Identify the isomerism shown in the diagram ? A : Structural Isomerism  B : Stereoisomerism C : Opical Isomerism D : Anomerism Show Answer Ans: B Explanation

Glucose and Fructose

Difference in Glucose and Fructose

Identify the Joint

Q: The diagram shows various joints marked from A-F . Joint B is which Type of Joint ? A : Condylar Joint B : Ellipsoid Joint C : Trochoid Joint D : Plane Joint Show Answer Ans: B Explanation

Identify the Cell

Q: Identify the Cell as shown in the Image ? A : Fibroblast  B : Osteocyte C : Nerve Cell D : Cardiac Cell Show Answer Ans: B Explanation It is a Osteocyte

Q: Identify the Cells as Shown in the Image? A : Mast Cells  B : Fibroblasts  C : Goblet Cells  D : Nerve Cells Show Answer Ans: B Explanation

Keratinized Squamous Epithelium

Q: Identify the Epithelium Shown in the Histology Slide ? A : Keratinised Stratified Squamous Epithelium  B : Non Keratinised Stratified Squamous Epithelium  C : Stratified Columnar  D : Transitional Epithelium Show Answer Ans: A Explanation The Slide shows Keratinised Stratified Squamous Epithelium 

Non Ciliated Pseudostratified columnar Epithelium

Non Ciliated Pseudostratified columnar Epithelium

Simple Cuboidal Epithelium

Q: Which of the following show the same kind of epithelium as shown in the Diagram A : Skin B : Trachea C : Oesophagus D : Thyroid gland Show Answer Ans: D Explanation Ans. D: Thyroid gland Other sites with the typical cuboidal epithelium are: Surface of ovary Choroid plexus Inner surface of lens […]

Levator Ani Muscle

Q: Which of the Following represents the Levator Ani muscle as shown in the diagram  A : A + B B : B+ C C : A + B + C D : B + C + E Show Answer Ans: C Explanation