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The Stats

that will


There are About 600 Medical College and each has about an average of 200 Students . This means that Almost 1,20,000 Medical Graduates will pass out every year.

Now How many PG Seats do we have ?

About 25-30K [Including all Diploma / DNB / Non Clinical Subjects]

What will happen

to the remaining 95,000 Students ??


So Finally you are into Final Year of MBBS.


And Finally You can No  Longer IGNORE PG Preparation.

It is right in your face and everyone seems to be talking about it.

The Entire MBBS seems to have gone so so damn fast.

You were  just getting started for your PG preparation [buying Apps , Review Books,] and even before you realize the Entire MBBS is Over.

This Final MBBS is the toughest Year in the history of entire life of any Medical Students


All is not LOST

This Year if you Utilize properly then you still have a good shot at clearing your PG entrance Exams.

This Year is the MAKE or Break Year


I remember my days in

Final year of MAMC.  


The HUGE Syllabus of Final Year Subjects seemed endless.

The Top Priority was clearing my Final Year and Thought of PG entrance exams was haunting every day


Are you feeling the same ??

Essentially this struggle To Focus on preparing for PG exams or focusing on Internal exams

Essentially the struggle to know what you should remember and what you can afford to ignore.

Essentially to struggle to balance between Standard Text Books and the temptation to go for review books.

Essentially the struggle to Balance Building of Concepts and preparing for PG


Most of you will keep struggling 

but will not do anything about it.


Some of You will go ahead a start preparing for PG Exams by buying review books.

But here is the problem.

Even the students who will try to do something about the PG exams by going through the review books will have no concrete direction / guidance.

And the pattern of questions will change completely by the time you appear for your PG exams [Which will be 2 Years from Now]. So all your effort on the Review Book or Question bank will be a complete waste.

Can something uniquely mix the syllabus of PG exams with MBBS curriculum so that  a single source can help you clear your concepts both for passing MBBS as well as preparing you for PG Exams

Can some resource be there which will guide you on specific PG exam pattern questions so that you know exactly what you are studying and why it is important from PG entrance point of view.

Can Some resource be there which gets automatically update every year so that you do not have to refer any other place as you know that every years trends as new questions will be captured by this resource.

And Most Importantly can there be something which can help you steer easily towards PG preparation even if you invest some 15-30 Minutes daily

Introducing to You

Medicoapps Final MBBS Program

This App is specifically crafted keeping in mind students studying in their Final MBBS and who want to start preparing for PG Exams early with compromising on their MBBS internal exams and concept building

Let me take you through this app features one by one so that you can really understand how this app will help you.

Subject Wise – Unit Wise

High Yield Topic

Do you know about the 80-20 RULE . I have created a Video around it on Youtube (Click here to See the Video)

In simple Term about 80% of the questions will come from 20% of the Topics.

Surprised !!!

Dont Be.

This is one of the most cardinal rule of PG Preparation . Every Toppers Knows about it and use it as their secret weapon.

Now In this app I have separated these topics in Subject-wise and unit-wise manner so that you can complete them along with your MBBS syllabus.

But hold on , I am not only giving you the Topics List .

On each of these topics , I there is a short precise synopsis [created specifically for PG exams] and a Short quiz [Made from Previous year exam questions on that topics].

Now the way I have created these topics is that you can easily complete any of these topics in 10-15 minutes maximum.

This will help you integrate you PG preparation with Your MBBS Syllabus.

Also such kind of Topic-wise Approach Keeps you focused and more productive.

And Wait Did I tell you that every 6 Months these High Yield Topics are Updated with  latest information and question , so that you do not have to waste your time searching but can simply focus on learning.

Subject Wise – Unit Wise

MCQ Bank

This App has a Strong Question bank based on Authentic Exam questions from AIIMS PG , NEET PG , PGI Chandigarh , JIPMER , etc.

These questions are arranged in Subject-wise and Chapter-wise manner.

Each questions has been supplemented with explanations and additional important facts.

But there is a Unique Algorithm at BACKEND which makes this app special.

This App will automatically store all the questions that you get wrong into separate section for you to practice at a later date.

Also you can bookmark important and latest question.

And more importantly you can always check your progress by inbuilt analytics within the app

As with the modules the questions in the App is update every 6 Months to ensure all the latest questions from various exams are automatically added to your app.

Video Library

to Enhance Conceptual Learning

Not everything needs to be learned by rote.

Understand the conceptual learning is very important especially for a 1st year student like you we have started adding Video Lectures on important conceptual and clinical topics.

These videos are specially crafted to invoke visual learning so that you remember facts much easily for a longer period of time.

On a Monthly basis we are adding about 15-18 Videos.

And Yes Your App will automatically get update with these new videos as we upload them.

Weekly Mentorship Session 

(Personal Guidance)

We understand that staying motivated during entire MBBS is so tough.

We understand that Final MBBS is the toughest Year of MBBS

We understand that Final MBBS is very crucial and last chance even to build a strong foundation for PG Preparation

We understand that expert guidance from All India Toppers and our Faculty will help you stay focused and guided throughout your MBBS

And that is the reason we have build in weekly mentorship sessions as a part of Final MBBS Program

All our Final MBBS Program students are given special links to join Weekly Zoom calls wherein they can directly interact with our faculty and previous year toppers so that you feel motivated and guided in you journey to get your dream PG Seat.

Remember, it is you who will build strong foundation during MBBS with your hard work and determination but our guidance and motivation will make it easier for you.

The Stats

that will


Coming Back to the Most Scary Stats

There are About 600 Medical College and each has about an average of 150 Students . This means that Almost 1,20,000 Medical Graduates will pass out every year.

Now How many PG Seats do we have ?

About 25-30K [Including all Diploma / DNB / Non Clinical Subjects]

What will happen to the remaining 95,000 Students ??

Be my guest and make your own guess.

If you have read till this point


You understand the importance of starting EARLY.

You understand the importance of FOCUSED Preparation.

And Today you have an Access to Resource that can help you achieve both.

Dont Miss this Chance because if any student who is having this App will beat you in PG exams no matter how hard you work.

Guess why ?

Because he will not waste his time guessing what to study , how to study.

This app will already guide him on what to study and how to study.

And if spares just 1-2 Hrs daily , he will get insanely ahead of the competition.

The Price of the App is

Only 9999/-

For 1 Year Access.

This means that You just pay once and can keep using this app for the next 5-6 years.

This means Less than 1000 /- Per Year for 3 Subject or About 300/- Per subject.

Even If you Buy a REVIEW Book or question bank , it will cost you more.

How to Buy this App

Step 1- Click on the Buy Now Button [See below]

Step 2- Fill In Your Name / Email ID / Phone Number / Address

Step 3- Pay Using Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Baking / UPI

Step 4- Forward the Payment Reciept to

It usually takes about 12-24 Hrs for me to send you the Activation Codes for this App.

I know What is the most important question in your mind at this Point.

Will this App really Help me ??

To be very true the only person in this world who can answer this question is you.

But HERE is a SPECIAL OFFER from me.

I am offering you a

30 Days

No Question asked

100% Money Back Guarantee.

This Essentially means that if for any reason you do not like this app , all you have to do  is write me a simple email and I will refund 100% of your money without asking any question.

Yes 100% of Money . I will bear the Transaction cost / Internet handling Charges / GST Charges / Refund charges . And You will get your 100% money back.

Do you have any questions

About this App ??

Dont Wait . Get in Touch with me .

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