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> 2470 Image based Question

from past 5 Years of



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What is NEET PG Image Based Mobile App ??

NEET PG Image Based Mobile app is an authentic compilation of image based questions along with explanations asked in past 5 Years in various PG entrance exams.

To Know More About it See the Below Video

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How will it benefit me ?

It will help score at least 15-20 marks extra in NEET PG / DNB exams by helping you to learn and revise all the authentic image based question asked in various PG exams asked in past 5 Years.

Also it has a section on Visual Learning wherein All the Tables / Mnemonics / Flowcharts / Image Banks are stored in form of short videos. This will help you to remember these fact very easily and for a long time.


What is the SPECIAL Offer for AIM4PG Members ?

There are HUGE 50% Discount for AIM4PG Members – AIM4PG Students will get 50% Discount on NEET PG Image Based App. The Price after discount is 499/- Only . The Discount Code will be available in AIM4PG Telegram Group .

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What are the Other Advantages for AIM4PG Members ?

There are 2 Other BIG Advantages for AIM4PG Members

  1. LIFETIME Validity by Paying for Only 1 Year [Yes Guys , Dr Nigam , the Guy behind AIM4PG , told me how special you are and has convinced me to give you LIFETIME Access for this App only by paying 499/- , He really loves you guys]
  2. 90 Days No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee [Yes Dr Nigam made it clear, that he cares for you guys so much and in case any one of you do not like this App for ANY REASON whatsover , you can get 100% of your money back – Yes 100% of your money back – NO DEDUCTIONS , anytime within 90 Days of purchase of this app via AIM4PG. Now I know that you must be thinking I am mad to offer such a NO QUESTION asked 100% Money back guarantee, but Dr Nigam convinced me that all the BEST Medical Students has come together and that Awesome Community is called AIM4PG. ]


Still Feeling Special . Special Bonuses Only for AIM4PG Guys ?

Now Dr Nigam told me that you are Special.

So There is Still some more special Bonuses only for first 100 AIM4PG Students who buy this app.

Bonus 1 – NEET PG Jan 2018 Paper with Complete Explanation [PDF Version]

Bonus 2 – ECG Video Lectures for NEET PG [These are the Most Concise video lectures – 40 Videos of About 5 Minutes each. All of these videos are focussed on how to solve ECG Based Questions in NEET PG Exams. This ECG Video Lectures alone is worth more than 499/-]

Bonus 3- Special & Updated Compilation of Most Common Cancer Type Questions PDFs asked in Various PG Exams.


RECAP of the Offer

For 499/- You are getting LIFETIME Access to around 2500 Image based Question with a No questions Asked 90 Days Money Back Guarantee along with 3 Special Bonuses of NEET PG 2018 Paper PDF Version, ECG Video Lectures and PDF Compilation of Most Common Cancers.

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HURRY !!!!

Only a Fool will think that this OFFER will last for Long.

Since there are limited Coupons available [You can get the coupon code at AIM4PG Telegram Group], if you have this coupon,  dont keep thinking while this deal is gone.

One thing I can Promise you. Once Over you will never see this deal .

So DONT MISS [Remember you can always ask for 100% of your money back if you do not like the app and you can still keep the awesome bonuses for FREE]

(Dont Forget to Apply the AIM4PG Special Discount Code while purchasing the App)

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