Campus Ambassador Program

Are you a currently a MBBS / BDS Student or pursuing your PG ?

Do You want to Earn by Sharing Medical Content / Offers ?

Can You Spend just 2-3 Minutes everyday to earn while still pursuing you college ?

Join Medicoapps Ambassador Program

and make a side income

by spending 2-3 minutes per day

What is Medicoapps Ambassador Program ?

There are 2 Types of Content.

  1. Daily Medical / Educational Content
  2. Weekly Offer of the Week

Medical / Education Content

As a Ambassador we send you daily Medical Educational Content [Video Lectures / Mnemonics / Clinical Case Studies / Quizzes / Previous Year Papers] which you can simply forward within your WA Groups , Telegram Groups , Facebook Page. Any students who click on the Message is taken to our Website. On the Website the Student can see the Video / Quiz and at the End of the Video / Quiz there will be a product Ad. If the Student sees the Ad and clicks on it and pays for the product, you get a 10% Prize Money for Every Sale.

Every Once in a while you can share Great Offers via your social network and any purchase from your link will help you earn Rs 500/- per sale [Or Even More depending on Campaign]

So As an ambassador you daily share high quality videos with your batchmates and your social network and get paid anytime they buy something from us.

Offer of the Week

Also We send you Once a week – Offer of the Week . This would be purely a promotional message for any one of our paid plans. Again All you have to do is to forward this message to your social network. If any one of them is interested in the product [When they click on the link you share], our sales team put in their effort and once they buy you will get Rs 500/- Per Sale.

What Kind of Products does Medicoapps have ?

You can visit our store page to check out the products which we have . Also we tie up with other big educational brand to promote their products on our platform so that you will have more opportunity when you become our Ambassadors.


Is there any Fees for Joining Medicoapps Ambassador Program?

No. There is no fees for Joining Ambassador Program. but we allow only one student per college batch to join our Ambassador program, so incase any one of your batchmate is already a member , we will not be able to accept you application. So Hurry, if any one from your batch applies before you then you will lose the chance to become our Ambassador.


Is there any commitment as a Medicoapps Ambassador ?

There is no commitment as Medicoapps Ambassador. We truly belive that if you like our updates, you will love to share the updates with your batchmates. So sharing the updates is truly optional. And we promise that we will work hard to create the best and most helpful updates so that you feel proud to share it with your batchmates

What are the benefit of Joining Medicoapps Ambassador Program ?

The Main advantage is that you are spreading medical content in your college in your batch and among juniors [You will become famous] and get a benefit whenever any student from your college / batch buys any Medicoapps owned or promoted product.

Also You get access to huge Discount (Even Upto 90%)  in case you purchase anything from Medicoapps.

Not to mention for Ambassadors who are active we keep sending some surprises all along our association.


What is the Process to join Medicoapps Ambassador Program ?

Click the Below button and fill the form and our Medicoapps Ambassador Program head will call you to discuss and explain you the details.

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