#AskAbhishek – Daily NEET PG Updates

PG Preparation is Tough and Exhausting.

Sometimes there is so much to do that we are completely crushed by the sheer volume and most of us end up breaking down inspite of working very hard and having the highest level of motivation.

To help students, 3 Years ago started sending them daily update via Whats App.
Daily I would send 1-2 Topics with brief synopsis and all the questions asked on that Topic.

The Simple IDEA was that any topic should be completed in 10-15 minutes time.
Also I would send various preparation related videos so as to keep the students motivated.

3 Years went so Fast and I did not even realize that I was sending updates to more than 10,000 students on a daily basis.


HOWEVER THERE was a major problem.

My Whats app would keep CRASHING and every time that happened , I would have to do the entire work of downloading / Installing Whats app and creating Broadcast list and adding students one by one to these list to restart sending them updates.

I was utterly frustrated and Upset.

I almost stopped sending daily updates.

But then the requests for daily updates would not stop coming. Everyday I would get many many whats app messages, emails and calls to start the daily update again.

So I decided to do something.

And the Idea of #AskAbhishek was born.

What is #AskAbhishek ??

It is an Android App similar to Whats App by which I can send daily updates to you and you can chat with me on any issue related to PG Preparation.

Its Still in BETA and a lot of improvements will happen in coming 3-6  months.

I am sending this SPECIAL INVITE to a few of my students to Join me on #AskAbhishek App.

And Yes I forgot to Tell you.

All the Masterclass Video Lectures will be available on #AskAbhishek App

(Medicoapps Masterclass is video lectures on medical concepts in Less than 5 minutes)

Click Here to Download Ask Abhishek App

Also Let me know if you have any questions.

(You can email me at abhishek@medicoapps.org or send me a Whats App message on 94 94 08 8000)


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