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Image Based Question-66652


Supports of an organ as shown in the picture below are all except ?

A. Utero sacral ligament.

B. Broad ligament.

C. Mackenrodt’s ligament.

D. Levator ani.


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Image Based Question-72059


A 51 year old male patient presented with a reddish mass in his right nasal cavity, with frequent bleeding episodes, for the past five months.Histopathological examination shows the following picture.
What can be the most possible diagnosis?

A. Inverted Papilloma

B. Rhinoscleroma

C. Rhinosporidiosis

D. Angiofibroma


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Image Based Question-72058


A 35-year-old presents with unilateral hearing loss that has been gradual but progressive over the last 6 months.Autoscopic picture is shown in the image. Appropriate treatment of the above condition consists of

A. Prolonged antibiotics for up to 4 weeks.

B. Decongestant and antihistamine administration.

C. Corticosteroid treatment for 2 weeks.

D. Tympanomastoidectomy.


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Image Based Question-72037


Following condition of the tongue is caused by?






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Image Based Question-67493


The muscle which is not supplied by the nerve (Arrow) near the overlying organ as shown in the picture below is ?

A. Thyroarytenoid.

B. Posterior cricoarytenoid.

C. Cricothyroid.

D. Lateral cricoarytenoid.


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Image Based Question-67318


Identify the fracture marked as A and B in the picture below ?

A. A- Symphysis.

B- Body.

B. A- Body.

B- Symphysis.

C. A- Ramus.

B- Symphysis.

D. A- Body.

B- Condyle.


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Image Based Question-67317


Identify the fracture marked by a red arrow in the CT Scan picture below ?

A. Maxilla fracture.

B. Body of mandible fracture.

C. Mandibular condyle fracture.

D. Orbital bone fracture.


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Image Based Question-65211


Which of the following statement is false regarding this structure?

A. Guanine rich strand is referred to as the heavy strand.

B. Each DNA molecule consists of 15,000-17,000 base pairs.

C. Single stranded straight DNA.

D. Transmitted by maternal nonmendelian inheritance.


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Image Based Question-66299


Diagnose the Skin disorder as shown in photograph

A. Freckles.

B. Atopic dermatitis.

C. Lichen planus.

D. Vitiligo.


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Image Based Question-66300


A child presents with this condition all over his body, including the buccal mucosa, lips, palms, soles, and skin not exposed to sun. Which of the following additional findings would most likely be present?

A. Colonic polyps.

B. Desmoid tumors.

C. Epidermoid cysts.

D. Osteomas of the jaw.


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