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Partial and full closure done in

A. Atrophic rhinitis

B. Allergic rhinitis

C. Vasomotor rhinitis 

D. Occupational rhinitis


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Tubercular Otitis media is characterized by all except

A. Painful otorrhea

B. Multiple perforations

C. Pale granulations

D. Foul-smelling ear discharge


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widening of the cartilaginous part of the extra auditory canal called.

A. Otoplasty

B. Myringoplasty

C. Tympanoplasty

D. Meatoplasty


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Stimulation of the external auditory canal leads to cough due to which nerve

A. Auricular branch Vagus

B. Greater auricular nerve

C. Auriculotemporal nerve

D. Facial Nerve


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Admission rate bias is‑

A. Reporting bias

B. Response bias

C. Berkesonian bias

D. None


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Screening is not useful in which carcinoma

A. Carcinoma prostate

B. Carcinoma colon

C. Carcinoma breast

D. Testicular tumor


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CA-125 is a marker for the screening of ovarian cancer. To characterize this test, histopathological confirmation of ovarian cancer was done in a cohort of patients. 60/100 women who tested positive for this test had ovarian cancer and 20/100 women who tested negative had ovarian cancer. What is the negative predictive value of this test?

A. 20/100

B. 40/100

C. 60/100

D. 80/100


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In Vision 2020, the target for Secondary Sevice center is for how much population –

A. 10000

B. 50000

C. 1 lac

D. 5 lac


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Which of the following is water-related disease

A. Yellow fever

B. Scabies

C. Cholera

D. Dysentery


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Absolute contraindication for IUD (Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device) are all except 

A. Pregnancy

B. Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding

C. Pelvic inflammatory disease

D. Uterine malformation


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