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AIIMS PG Exam – 84905


Assertion: Anaphylactoid reaction can be caused by first exposure.

Reason: Involves mast cell degranulation but not IgE.

A. Assertion and reason are correct and correlate

B. Assertion and reason are incorrect and do not correlate

C. Assertion is correct but reason is incorrect

D. Assertion is incorrect but reason is correct


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84907


Match the following

A. anti jo1
B. anti topoisomerase
C. anti u1rnp
D. anti smith
1. systemic sclerosis
2. sle
3. anti synthetase
4. systemic sclerosis
5. dermatomyositis

A. a-2,b-3,c-1,d-4

B. a-3,b-2,c-5,d-1

C. a-2,b-5,c-4,d-3

D. a-5,b-3,c-2,d-4


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AIIMS PG Exam – 85040


Match the following appearances of myocytes with the following conditions they are seen

Column 1:                                                                                                       

A. Boxcar nuclei

B. Myocyte disarray

C. Vacuolations in myocytes

D. Myocyte hypertrophy

Column 2:


2. Hypertension


4. Subendothelial ischemia

A. a-2 ,b-1,c-3,d-4

B. a-4 ,b-3,c-1,d-2

C. a-3 ,b-4,c-2,d-1

D. a-2 ,b-4,c-3,d-1


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84908


Translocation seen in Ewing’s sarcoma is:

A. t(8,11)

B. t(11,22)

C. t(11,18)

D. t(14,18)


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84911


Which one of the following drugs are not used in heart failure?

A. Metoprolol

B. Nesiritide

C. Trimetazidine

D. Sacubitril


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84912


Pegloticase used in which of the following conditions?

A. Chronic Gout

B. Psoriatic arthritis


D. Paralytic Ileus


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84914


Match the following:

1. Omalizumab –

2. Itolizumab –

3. Daclizumab –

4. Belimumab –

a. AntiCD6

b. ANTICd25

c. Anti IGE

d. Anti IgG1

e. Anti B cell activator

A. 1 – c, 2 – a, 3 – b,4 – e

B. 1 – d, 2 – c, 3 – b, 4 – e

C. 1 – c, 2 – a, 3 – d, 4 – e

D. 1 – e, 2 – d, 3 – c, 4 – e


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AIIMS PG Exam – 85046


Drugs used in urea cycle disorders to reduce ammonia?

A. Phenyl butarone

B. Phenyl butyrate

C. L- Carnitine

D. Isoleucin


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84915


Z track technique is used for

A. Monitoring of lithium therapy

B. Monitoring of carbamazepine therapy

C. Administration of long-acting depot antipsychotics

D. Administration of nicotine patches


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84916


Assertion: In a patient admitted to hospital for community acquired pneumonia, combination therapy of beta lactams and azithromycin is given.

Reason : This combination covers gram positive organisms and anaerobes.

A. Both reason and assertion are true

B. Assertion is true but reason is false.

C. Assertion is true but reason is partially true for assertion

D. Both assertion & reason are not true.


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