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Image Based Question – 74627


A 35 years old patient with history of high-grade fever and tonsillitis 2 months back now presents with cervical lymphadenopathy. Peripheral smear shows lymphocytosis with WBC count 22 x 10 g/L. Monospot test was negative. Tonsillectomy was done and it showed large cells mixed with lymphocytes. The cells were positive for CD20, EBV-LMPl, MUMI, CD79a. Background cells were positive for CD3. The cells are negative for CDl5. The most probable diagnosis is

A. Infectious mononucleosis

B. Hodgkin lymphoma

C. EBV positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

D. EBV positive mucocutaneous ulcer


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Image Based Question – 74629


On histopathological examination of lymph node as shown below. which of the following zone is represented by the marked area?

A. Germinal center

B. Marginal zone

C. Mantle zone

D. Paracortical area


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Image Based Question – 74631


In the following liver biopsy, which special stain has been used?

A. Masson’s trichrome stain

B. Grimelius silver stain

C. Steiner silver stain

D. Sweet’s reticulin stain


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Image Based Question – 74833


A middle aged immune compromised male came with fever and breathlessness. HRCT showed a middle lobe lesion with infiltration. Lung biopsy from the lesion is shown in image. Most likely Diagnosis is?

A. Tuberculosis

B. Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia

C. Small cell carcinoma luns

D. CMV pneumonia


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Image Based Question – 74847


A worker was working in a factory from the past 20 years t and now presented with pleural thickening and fibrosis. Histopathology of the lesion is shown in below image. Most likely diagnosis is ?

A. Asbestosis

B. Cotton Fiber

C. Coal Worker Pneumoconiosis

D. Silicosis


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Image Based Question – 74852


Toluidine blue staining is used for identification of ?

A. Mast cell

B. Melanocyte

C. Fibroblast

D. Macrophages


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Image Based Question – 74859


A l2-year-old boy had a cut in his forearm 4 days ago. Now the bleeding has been stopped due to granulation tissue formation. While taking a skin biopsy a part of the granulation fissue was also included in the specimen. The histology of granulation tissue is shown below. Which type of collagen is found in this granulation tissue?

A. Type I

B. Type 2

C. Type 3

D. Type 4


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Image Based Question – 79308


Patch test image is given and asked when will be readings taken –

A. 24 hrs and 48hrs

B. 48 hrs and 96hrs

C. 48 hrs and 72 hrs

D. 48 hr & 96hrs


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Image Based Question – 79313


Histologic image of keratinising stratified squamous epithelium in stratum basale layer which of the following cell is not present-

A. Langerhan cells

B. Melanocyte

C. Merkel’s cells

D. Keratocyte


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