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Image Based Question – 74220


In the following electron micrograph of the sarcomere correctly identify the area labeled as “E”?

A. A-band

B. I-band

C. M-band

D. H-zone


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Image Based Question – 74228


In the following sections of the adrenal gland, which of the following hormone is secreted by the region marked as “A”?

A. Aldosterone

B. Cortisol

C. Testosterone

D. Epinephrine


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Image Based Question – 74229


In the following graph, the curve A represents the normal relationship between alveolar ventilation and pCO2, when pO2, is 100 mm Hg. lf pH is changed from 7 .4 to 7 .3, where will the original curve shift?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D


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Image Based Question – 74239


During starvation, graph of three substances are plotted as below. The scale for A and B is on the left and the scale for C is on the right. Which of the substances are represented by the curve B?

A. RT3

B. T3

C. T4



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Image Based Question – 74423


In this electron micrograph, what is the structure marked with arrow?

A. Smooth endoplasmic reticu him

B. Trans-Golgi network

C. cis-Golgi network

D. Medial Golgi network


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Image Based Question – 74425


All the statements are true about the titration curve of protein except:

A. A and B represent ionization of amino and carboxyl ends of protein

B. The protein has 3 ionizable sites

C. The protein has I functional ion

D. Points A and B represent points of maximal buffering capacity


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Image Based Question – 74427


The following graph shows the transport kinetics of a solute transferred across cell membrane. What is the likely nature of the solute?

A. Glucose

B. CO2

C. O2

D. Na+


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Image Based Question – 74604


The Below Image shows a sarcomere.

Identify the accessory protein marked with * in the diagram below-

A. Nebulin

B. Alpha actinin

C. Titin

D. Tropomyosin


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Image Based Question – 74609


Following is the graph showing renal tubular transport maxima for glucose excretion in a diabetic patient. What will be the urinary glucose in a patient with a Mood sugar of 200 mg/dL and a glomerular filtration rate of 90 mL/min?

A. 20 mg/min

B. 30 mg/min

C. 60 mg/min

D. 100 mg/min


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Image Based Question – 74613


Calculate the tetanizing; frequency of the frog’s gastrocnemius muscle from the graph shown below:

A. 25-30 Hz

B. 30-35 Hz

C. 35-40 Hz

D. 40-50 Hz


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