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AIIMS PG Exam – 84934


A nurse got accidental prick from the HIV infected needle.  Which of the following is T/F regarding the management of this nurse?

a. Lamivudine used as monotherapy in post-exposure prophylaxis (t/f)

b. Washing hands advised(t/f)

c. Viral markers at the time of prick(t/f)

d. Repeat serology at 6 weeks (t/f)

A. b,c,d true and a false

B. a, b true and c, d false

C. b,c true and a,d false

D. All true


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84938


GPCR that does not act through opening of potassium channels is?

A. Muscarinic M2 receptor

B. Dopamine D2 receptor

C. Serotonin 5 HT1 receptor

D. Angiotensin 1 receptor


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84940


Which of the following is used for the treatment of paucibacillary leprosy?

A. 2 dugs for 6 months

B. 3 drugs for 6 months

C. 2 drugs for 12 month

D. 3 drugs for 12 months


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84942


Which of the following statements about tedizolid is true?

A. It causes peripheral neuropathy as an adverse effect

B. It is active against gram positive organisms

C. It has poor oral bioavailability

D. It is active against anaerobes


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84943


Antimalarial drug used for causal prophylaxis act at which stage of developmental cycle

A. Gametogony

B. Erythrocytic schizogony

C. Pre-erythrocytic schizogony

D. Exo-erythrocytic schizogony


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84975


Girl child feels isolated and cries alone intermittently in school. Teacher gets to know that uncle at home touches private parts of the child. The principal should inform first to:

A. Parents

B. Police

C. Magistrate

D. Child welfare


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84976


A Patient  is admitted  with Insomnia, Agitation, Diarrhoea, Dilated pupils and Sweating, what is the type of poisoning?

A. Heroin

B. Cocaine

C. Cannabis

D. Ecstasy 


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84977


A patient with Suspected Poisoning with meiosis, Increased Bronchial Secretions & salivation from Angle of mouth. What type of  Antidote is to be Given.

A. Atropine


C. Neostigmine

D. Belladonna


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84951


Beta-1,3-D Glucan testing is done for all except-

A. Aspergillosis

B. Mucormycosis

C. Candidiasis

D. Pneumocystis


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