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AIIMS PG Exam – 84956


Anaphylaxis is mediated by

A. 5-hydroxytryptamine

B. Heparin

C. ProstaglandinImmunology

D. All of these


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84965


EOSINOPHILS are activated by

A. IL2

B. IL-10

C. IL-1

D. IL-5


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84966


All parasites are in hepatocytes Except ?

A. Toxoplasma

B. P. falciparium

C. Leishmania

D. Babesia


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84968


 23 serotypes pneumococcal vaccine Most useful in

A. Cystic fibrosis

B. Recurrent otitis media & sinusitis

C. Child less than 2 years

D. Sickle cell anaemia


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84970


Which is the most common virus infection in post solid organ transplant in Indian setting


B. HSV 1




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AIIMS PG Exam – 84944


CLED is better medium than MacConkey medium for processing of urine samples

A. It differentiate LF from NLF Bacteria

B. Prevents swarming of proteus

C. Identifies pseudomonas

D. Allows staphylococcus,Streptococcus and candida to grow


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84986


Denominator in perinatal mortality rate 

A. Total births

B. Total live births

C. Live births + Still birth

D. Total number of newborns


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84995


Which of the following statements is true regarding for influenza vaccine

A. Secondary attack rate 5 to 15%

B. Virus shedding present before the pt presents with symptoms

C. 1 to 5 years is high risk age group

D. Aquatic birds are reservoirs


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AIIMS PG Exam – 84997


Child has received full rabies vaccination in December 2018 and now presented with oozing wound on great toe and the pet had vaccination also, what would you do now?

A. No vaccine

B. 2 doses of vaccine on day 0 and 3

C. Full 5 doses of vaccines

D. Rabies Ig and full vaccination


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