Bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Episodes of Both Mania and Depression. [Even If Mania alone present diagnosis ]
Male = Female but Manic Episodes more in male and Depressive episodes more in females
Average age on onset = 30 Years

Types of Bipolar Ds:

  1. Bipolar ½-Schizobipolar Ds [Schizoaffective]
  2. Bipolar 1-Mania with Depression [Or mania Alone]
  3. Bipolar 1 ½-Depression with protracted hypomania
  4. Bipolar 2-Depression with discrete hypomania episodes
  5. Bipolar 2 ½-Depression superimposed on cyclothymia
  6. Bipolar 3-Depression with induced hypomania
  7. Bipolar 3 ½-Bipolar with substrate abuse
  8. Bipolar-4-Depression with hyperthymic temperament
  9. Even if mania present diagnosis made as depression may occur in future

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