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High Yield Topic Based Approach

for NEET PG Preparation


Hi Dear,

As you are in your in your final year (and about to complete it) the inevitable moment of thinking seriously about the PG Exams is here.

NEET PG is Tough and the Syllabus Huge . With 20 Subjects to complete you are bound to feel overburdened.

On Top of that There are so so many resources . There are millions of App, Question banks , Notes and coaching institutes.

Is it your fault that for almost past 3-4 years you have just been thinking of starting your PG Preparation but felt hopeless just after a few days into it.


How is a Final Year Student Different From a Medical Students still in 1st / 2nd / New final Year ??

Yes I agree that you are Much Smarter than themĀ  šŸ™‚Ā  šŸ™‚

But unfortunately you have very little time to as compared to them.

So while you may dream (and even try) to complete all the Basic Books to prepare for your PG exams but it will be very very difficult.

What Can You Do ?

Take a Smarter Approach.Ā  Take the Topic Wise Approach

We all Know the Importance of High Yield Topics in these PG Exams. Essentially these 20% High Yield Topics will have 80% Questions from them.

But Collecting these High Yield Topics , Forming Theory / Notes around them and solving questions asked on those topics is a very very difficult task.

Imagine If this Difficult Task

is Done For You….

ImagineĀ You have a source wherein you get all these HIGH YIELD and LATEST TRENDING Topics compiled all under one place.

ImagineĀ You have these HIGH YIELD and LATEST Trending Topics arranged subjectwise.

Each Topic has a SHORT SYNOPSIS (Not more than 1-2 Paragraphs ) containing the most IMPORTANT Points on that particular topics.

ImagineĀ Not Only You have the SYNOPSIS but the Actual AUTHENTIC question which has been asked on that particular topic in all the different PG exams.

ImagineĀ How will you feel if you can complete a HIGH YIELD or LATEST Trending Topics within 5-7 Minutes.


Well We have Done This For You.

You can Have all these These 1300 High Yield Topics (with Synopsis + Authentic Questions on each topic with explanations) under our CAMPUS CONNECT Program.

Already More than 127 Medical Colleges are a part of Campus Connect Program.

To Know More About it and Apply for the CAMPUS CONNECT Program Click the Below Button


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