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Is Revision a Challenge for You ?


When I talk to my students , the only thing they keep asking me is that , Sir, how do I remember all these huge amount of information ?

My Answer every time is REVISE .


But then I realized that

REVISION is a real challenge.


When the students try to revise they are faced by 3 Major Challenges.


Challenge No 1 – Huge Information

When the students start their revision from notes or books, the amount of information is so so huge that the war of revision is lost within the first 15-20 minutes .

And only the most disciplined and students will continue and most of my students will give up within first week of starting to revise or keep postponing revision till very end leading them to fail in exams even after working so hard.

So I wanted to create a REVISION way in which these huge information is broken into small chunks of information which makes it easier for students to revision


Challenge No 2 – Re-reading or Passive Revision

When students revise from the book , mostly it is re-reading and passive revision. Which means they are merely going through the information once again without really trying to check if they remember this information or not.

Let me give you an example.

In Your notes lets say the causes of B/L Enlarged kidney is mentioned. When you see this you feel that you remember it. But when you try to recall all the 5 causes of B/L Enlarged Kidney without opening your book then suddenly you are able to recall  only 3 and other 2 you are not able to recall. So chances are when a question on this topic is asked from this topic you may get confused and get this question wrong in the examination.

Does this happen with you ?

So I wanted to create a resource which makes revision ACTIVE . How , So all my Concept Cards are in 2 Set . The Question Cards shows you a Card with Just the Teaser question and then the Answer card shows you the Answers.

For Example in the above case,

The Questions cards will be Like – Causes of B/L Enlarged Kidney with 1-5 Number [So that you know that there are five causes which you have to think of ] and then Answer card will show all the five causes.

Or Lets say to help you remember a biochemical pathway , in the question card , the outline of the biochemical pathway will be drawn with few enzymes and products and cofactors showing as blank [So that you try to recall them] and then in the answer card the entire pathway is show.

This process will make Revision a very Active process and not just re-reading.


Challenge No 3- Revision is Boring

Lets face it we will like to wash dishes rather than Revise.

Damn Right !!

If given an option I can wear Pink Shirt and Violet Pants with a Red handkerchief around my neck and roam the entire market if I can skip revision.

It is so Damn Boring

Damn Damn Boring

Very Damn Boring

So I though can I make revision interesting ?

The Answer is No. Revision cannot be made interesting.

But Can we make it Less Boring ?

The Answer is Yes .

So my Team and Myself have work on this beautiful App that makes revision a lot less boring (So much so that many students who have been using this app has said they find revision really fun. I dont believe them that Revision can be Fun but who am I to judge)


The Idea is to make you spend more time one Revision

[Rather than just keep thinking about revision] in a easy way.

MRP – 4999/-

Discount – 1000/-

Price After Discount – 3999/


Examples of Cards

  1. Renal Tubular Acidosis Type II – Click Here
  2. Triangle of Safety – Click Here
  3. Causes of Increased ACE Levels – Click Here
  4. Boundaries of Inguinal Canal- Click Here
  5. Meckels Diverticulum – Click Here
  6. Ischial Spine – Click Here
  7. Stages of Death – Click Here
  8. Basal Metabolism Rate – Click Here


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