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Gurukul Tradition – Lesson of Humility & Hardship

Important Disclaimer –
Anything I write is to share some interesting and worth sharing insights.
I have no intention to hurt / harass / defame / oppress any person/ sex / caste / religion.
If I do , forgive me as it was completely unintentional. 

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(Lesson of Humility & Hardship)

I often wonder why Kids Prefer Cartoon, Grandparents (and Parents or equivalent) prefer Likes of Ramayan and We Students stuck at SPLITSVILLA.

But this is not what I will write about this week.

This Saturday my Parents were watching Ramayan – The Old Ramanand Sagar one

[I really wonder if any one of you reading this will know about Old Ramayan from Ramanand Sagar but For Simplicity, The One created by Ramanand Sagar besides being very very old , is high on content and low on cinematography as compared to many recent ones]

The Episode was in which Lord Ram , had now attained 5 years of age and was not to got to “Gurukul” to learn along with his other 3 brothers.

Now To Understand this situation fully  consider these following

  1. Lord Ram (and his brothers) were born after very tough penance by Lord Dhasratha
  2. Lord Ram was the heir to the BIGGEST and the STRONGEST Kingdom of all times
  3. Lord Ram was Only 5 Years (or so) old when he had to goto gurukul.

Now Lets See what Gurukul meant at that time.

  1. Beg for food (For Yourself and your Guru)
  2. Do all the work in Gurukul (Remember @ 5 Years of Age)
  3. Live on minimal


So You see this is what I found interesting.

Lord Ram , who was born out of great penance , and was the Heir to the Strongest Kingdom on earth was sent to gurukul by his Father , wherein he will have to beg for Food, Live with other students like ordinary with no special privileges , work his A**E off , all at a tender age of 5.


 Now How many of us will do this to our Kids ??


In fact , we go out of our way to provide the BEST of BEST for our KIDs.

We teach them to make “Good” Friends a.k.a Other Children who belong to the same social strata.

We Give them access to everything which we can afford [even if we have to take loans ]


So can we Learn a Few things from Those “Gurukul” days or is it just that now “Things are Different” ??

Well I feel, Still we can Learn a Few Things


Lesson of Humility


In ancient scriptures it is said that to learn from the Master , the Disciple must sit at the teachers feet. This may be just another way of saying that , HE Who is not HUMBLE will not learn anything. The lesson of Humility was etched into the fabric of Gurukul. [Begging for Food, Staying like ordinary ]

Now,  I know neither we have Gurukuls nor we can send our children to Beg . But Still we should try to incorporate the value of Humility into our children.


Importance of Hardships


I know we all want to give everything to our children. We want to pave every path and carve every opportunity for them. We never want them to face any hardships in Life.


These hardships are the forces that will sculpture them into masterpieces.

These hardships are the forces that will make them strong enough to face any and every challenge in Life

These hardships will build their character and their will to find a way out of every situation.

These hardships will bring out the innermost strength and talent out of them.


Imagine a Cub being brought up in a Cage with all facilities

but no challenges [of the wild],

Will he be able to survive in a Jungle ??

Even Dogs may hunt him down.


if You have read till this Point , I have a challenge For you.

Can you think of and share with me some practical ways to inculcate HUMILITY in our Children ??

Email me at


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Hope you Loved this week Freedom Letter . 

Love to See you share this article with your friends  [Freedom Fighters]


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The Paradox of Choices – Why More is not better ? Click Here to Read


Be Awesome
Stay Awesome
Dr Abhishek Gupta


The Paradox of Choice – Why More is not Better ??

Important Disclaimer –
Anything I write is to share some interesting and worth sharing insights.
I have no intention to hurt / harass / defame / oppress any person/ sex / caste / religion.
If I do , forgive me as it was completely unintentional. 

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The Paradox of Choice

Why More is not Better ??

(The JAM Experiment)


We Love Choices .

Choices are Good .

More Options to Choose From , Happier We are .

And How Can We Forget Amazon Ads – Aur Dikhao —- Aur Dikhao



But What if I Tell You

” More Options is Not Good ”  .

Will You Believe me.

I tell you a personal story.

I was in Class 8E (Computer Section). And in our section we had 2 Girls [I Guess Computer was not that HOT Then]

What really surprised me was that both the Girls , were far more in sought after than girls in other sections.  This was really surprising for me then and a mystery to me till last week when I read about the JAM Experiment.


In 2000, psychologists Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper from Columbia and Stanford University published a study about jams.

On a regular day at a local food market, people would find a display table with 24 different kinds of jams. Then on another day, at that same food market, people were given only 6 different types of jam choices.


Now Guess

On Which Day There was a More Interest on the JAM Table ?? (Means More people went to the JAM Table0

On Which Day there was more sales of the JAM bottles ?? (Means more people bought the JAM 0


Well Here is the Result.

On the Day there were 24 Different JAM bottles showcased, significantly more people went to see the JAM tables.

On the Day there were only 6 Different JAM bottles , Significantly more people bought the JAM Bottle.


Why Does this happen??


This Happens because of what Psychologists call as “CHOICE Paralysis”


The above experiment was then repeated in different circumstances and with a lot many variations BUT still the results were same.

More Choice – More Interest

More Choices – Less Action


But Here is where THING GET Interesting.


What was more clear in all the experiments that when the number of choices were more , even when people who bought the JAM bottles , they were LESS SATISFIED and LESS HAPPY with their Purchase.



Yes people were more satisfied and happy with there choices when they had to choose between 6 JAM Bottles than they were when they had to choose between 24 JAM Bottles [Mind You the 6 Bottles Types were also there in 24 Bottle set]


Now this is What I call Interesting.

What this means that if the number of choices are more people will talk more about it , Take less action , and even when they take action they will be less happy and satisfied


How does this Effect you in REAL Life  ??

You Know what is the Most Common Question asked to me by students.

“Sir Which is the Best Book for XYZ Subject ??” or “From Which Book should we Study”

In my time [Way back in 2006], this was never the question.

There were Only 2 Books , Mudit Khanna & Amit Asish [Several Volumes] and Anyone who could complete it is sure to get into AIIMS.

But Now For Each Subject I guess there are more than 3-5 Choices .

Results – Even 1-2 Years into preparation , students will still ask this question from me.

So What Should You Do ??

Now you cannot stop Authors from publishing books. But If you realize this , You can decide on any one book and just focus all your time and attention on it [Even though you may keep feeling that it is not the best resource.]


Other Interesting Places where you can Observe the same thing.

It is easier to “Hook Up ” or find your life partner in a causal party than on Tinder or Bharat Matrimony.

(More Choices , More Interest but Less Action0


One advice which I regularly give students [who find it difficult to  revision] is to keep 15-20 pages which he plans to revise next morning by his bed and start revising as soon as he gets up the next morning.

Zero % Choice 

100 % Action 

500 % Happiness / Satisfaction.


Now To really use this remember , wherever you feel unhappy / unsatisfied , you reduce [or completely remove] the number of choice and then go with the Only choice.

Initially you may feel that you have not taken the “BEST” Decision but if you stick with your choice for some time , soon it will become the “BEST” Decision for you and you will be really happy and satisfied with you choice.


So Now Hope You understand the MYSTERY why those 2 Girls for SECTION 8E got all the Attention [and were asked out so often]

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Hope you Loved this week Freedom Letter . I will love to get an email from you []

Love to See you share this article with your friends  [Freedom Fighters]



Be Awesome
Stay Awesome
Dr Abhishek Gupta



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Dopamine – Can You Use this Addiction hormone to Your AdvantageClick Here to Read






Dopamine – Can You Use This Addiction Hormone to Your Advantage


Can You Use this Addiction Hormone

to Your Advantage ??


Hey There Freedom Fighter,

Last Week I when I wrote about How to Tackle Personal & Family Problem , and among 1000’s of reply I got there was an interesting reply from Dr Annu.

While the email itself had so many practical Tips on tackling personal & family problem , there was a really interesting mention of

“Give Yourself the Pleasure of “Target Done” Shots.



This Single Idea If you can understand will Help you to really get more things done and having great fun doing it.

So Here I am writing about it in this Tuesday’s Personal Letter to you.


Five Hormones that Control Us (Literally)

  1. Endorphins [Endurance Hormone]
  2. Dopamine [Reward or Pleasure Hormone]
  3. Serotonin [Leadership Hormone]
  4. Oxytocin [Trust / Safety Hormone]
  5. Corticosols [Stress Hormone]


I know you may be knowing the physiological role of these hormones but TRUST me there is little that you know about the psychological effects of these hormone.

Not Only you will enjoy learning the psychological aspects of these hormones but also  change the WAY you LOOK at these hormone.

I will discuss about these hormones one by one in my upcoming Tuesday’s Letters to Freedom Fighters.


Understanding Dopamine

from Evolutionary Point of View


First a FUN Fact – Dopamine Hormone is Exclusive to Human Beings and many consider that it may be JUST the Factor that separates Humans from other species on this planet.

So Whats So Different about this HORMONE ??

Essentially DOPAMINE forms the Main Neurotransmitter for the REWARD System of the Brain.

The main psychological function of this Hormone is to give high psychological incentive to do activities which are routine but extremely essential for survival.

Activities like Eating , Having Sex , completing some work.

Now In Hormonal Hierarchy When Dopamine Exists in the Body, the psychological effects of no other hormone matters.

When Everything is in Balance , this is a Beautiful Hormone.  Dopamine gives you the extra incentive to go and complete routine works with more enthusiasm.

But When there is an Dopamine Dependence [As in cases of Alcoholism , Drug Addiction , Smokers, Gambling ] , the dopamine will completely hijack your system and make you do things that are even harmful.


Such is the Power of Dopamine.

Power of DOPAMINE 

Have You Ever wondered why are you so addicted to your SMART Phones ??

Well Guess What, All the smart phone makers and top app makers [Facebook , Whats app, Twitter, Instagram, etc ] have designed their products and services to HACK Your Brain Dopamine System and get you addicted.

You get a Email Notification – Ding . You Open the Email . Ding Dopamine Release . You Feel Good

Somebody Liked your Photo . You get a Notification . DING  . Dopamine Release . You Feel Good

Somebody Sends you a Whats App Forwarded Message . Notification . Ding . Dopamine Release . You Feel Good

So much is the behavior ingrained in you that if you do not get any notification , you open your facebook app and check for any new updates . You Open Your Facebook App . DING . Dopamine Release . You Feel Good.


Imagine you are driving your car. You get a Whats App Notification . You will reach your destination in another 10 Minutes. And You know that the Whats App Message cannot be anything important (and most probably some stupid forwarded joke or fake news) .

But Just at the next red light or for many while still driving you open your app to see whats the new message.

Ding. Dopamine Release . You Feel Good.


You are all motivated to Study Hard for NEET PG Preparation . You now start looking for all books , apps, programs. And You Find Medicoapps 1800 Pages Notes. Wow , this 1800 Pages can Help You complete you syllabubs in next 6 Months.

You Hit on the Buy Now Button . Complete the Purchase . DING . Dopamine Release . You Feel Good 

(And Even You know that you have all the necessary review books, dams notes and other stuff packed under you study table and so these notes will be a utter waste for you)


Controlling the Power of DOPAMINE 

By Now You Must have realized the Power of Dopamine.

This is a WILD Beast which if you learn to Tame will be the single biggest reason for your success in almost anything.

Before trying to control and modulate the Dopamine Release Lets see the Hidden Factors behind it. Just as a caution the below mentioned details are about self meditated release of dopamine and may or may not be applicable to release /level of dopamine due to drugs / nicotine / alcohol, etc.

  1. Dopamine Release is Stronger to Visual Clues- Creation of Visual Clues
  2. Dopamine Release is Pleasure Hormone – Making Boring things pleasurable

Lets Understand Both these one by one


Dopamine & Visual Clues 

Self Meditated release of Dopamine is secreted more when you are clearly able to see the results. Remember the Notification pop up on your mobile when someone likes your photo on Facebook or when someone sends  you a Whats App message.

Visual clues can be really make or break when it comes to DOPAMINE.

That is the reason people put pictures of Ferrari , Ali Bhat , Ranbir Kappor on Wall (Whenever you see it, Ding – Dopamine Release . You Feel Happy).

So Advice for You .

Put A Visual Clue for Your Goals

Want to Get Radiology Seat in PG ??? Get a Photograph of a Radiologist Working and Paste it where you study.

Want to Be One of the Top Ranker in PG . Take Photograph of toppers of Previous Year and Make it your Screensaver on Mobile

Yes the Most Important Thing. Daily Routines.

Plan your day and Write it in a piece of paper. Research has clearly proven that if you want to achieve any goal , write it down.

You may already have in your mind what all you plan for tomorrow. But Dont deny your HARD WORKING and SUPPORTING Brain of much needed Dopamine.

Write down your Daily Plans [And You can keep doing to even after you clear you PG Exams]


Now Lets Discuss the Second Aspect


Dopamine is a Pleasure Hormone

Now another most important thing to remember is that Dopamine is a Pleasure Hormone.

So No matter what you do , If you cannot make it pleasurable , Good Bye Dopamine.

So I must be Joking. How can anyone make STUDYING Pleasurable.

Well Here are a Few Tips

  1. Break it into smaller pieces. Remember Every Small Piece Complete is DING. Dopamine Release . You Feel Happy. So if your target is Read 20 Pages of Biochemistry Tomorrow. All You will get is ONE Shot of Dopamine Release. But Instead of Making your target your as 20 pages of Biochemistry to Read 1> Amino Acid Classification – 2> Amino Acid Properties  3> Amino Acid Absorption 4> So on and So forth , so that the you have just listed all the topics in the same 20 pages , Look What You have Done. With Each Small Topic you complete and Tick off the List , You get a DING. Dopamine Release . You Feel Happy.
  2. Make it Easy to Do. Always Do easy things first . Because Once the Dopamine is released it will keep you doing more and more to get more Ding . Dopamine Release . You Feel Happy Cycle. So Start your day with something really simple and then move to harder tasks.
  3. Give Yourself Some Real Rewards Once you complete it. Almost No body like the taste of Alcohol, but everyone drinks it for the BUZZ which comes after drinking it. So Even though you may not thoroughly enjoy studying but associating it with something you enjoy at end of every task completed will make the entire study enjoyable. One such way is by Ticking the DONE Items. Everyone Enjoys Ticking (Right !!!) Also Like I love Coffee . So After Every Morning Exercise I make myself a HOT Home Brewed Coffee. And if I do not exercise any day , I do not drink coffee that day. There are days I exercise for 5 Minutes only to get myself my Coffee. You can tie your Study Schedule to Facebook. So Every Item you complete on Your Todo list , You get 10 Minutes on Facebook / Instagram. 
  4. Any More More Innovative Ways you can think of


There are so so many students / people I know that are already using the above hack to trick their brains into doing more.

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Hope You liked and will benefit from this article.


I would Love to Know Your Thoughts and also if I should write such analysis on Other 4 Psychological Hormones .

Email me at


Be Awesome
Stay Awesome
Dr Abhishek Gupta



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How to Tackle Family & Personal Problems during NEET PG Preparation – Click Here to Read

How to Tackle Family and Personal Issues ???

How to Tackle

Family & Personal Issues

during NEET PG Preparation ??


I keep calling Students to understand to understand on deepest level what are the major challenges they are facing during their NEET PG Preparation.

I expected students to talk about their difficulty in completing the huge syllabus or difficulty in revision and remembering facts  or other such problems.

But Astonishing as it may sound , many students talk about how their are completely surrounded by some personal or family issues and hence the NEET PG Preparation itself has taken back seat.

At First I use to ignore this and move on, but over last few years I have realized how almost every students who is preparing for NEET PG is at some level facing so many difficult situations at personal or family level.

While Some are able to tackle these issues many students are completely unaware how to move forward.


Lets Face it ,

Life was much simpler when we were Kids.


Our Biggest worry was getting pass marks(for most of us) Half-yearly and Final exams.

Our Favorite Food was “Maggie”

Our Favorite Actor was “Shah Rukh Khan” and Favorite Actress was “Kajol”

Our Biggest Disappointment was when we lost the ball (while playing cricket) and the game had to be stopped till we collected enough money to buy another ball.

And Our Only RESPONSIBILITY was ……. ??????

Responsibility ?? What the Hell was that ??

But Then We Got into medical college and without realizing we are almost 23 Years Old

(By the Way Do you realize that you have spent your entire Sweet TEENage preparing for Medical College and then Attending medical college )


What Happens at 23 Years

(And More So if You are a doctor )


Life will never be simple again.

You eat maggie almost like a meal many times a week.

Favorite food or favorite anything does not really mean anything to you.

And Yes suddenly there is so many people (Family , Family of family , Friends , Friends of Friends , Relatives , Relatives of Relatives , People Whom You know , People Whom you do not know) who suddenly have a lot of expectation from you.

You are expected to take decisions.

And So many things that it is almost impossible to even list 10% of things here.

Soon it feels like this



So is it really surprising that NEET PG takes a Backseat.


So what can we do about it ??


Now the First Step is realizing that LIFE will get even more complex as we grow older.

We cannot do many things about it.

But Here is a small Tip (From my personal experience)

I always wake up at 5:00 in Morning. Yes Even On Sundays. This is a habit I acquired long back. And I would start my day with doing 2 Hrs of doing the most important things for the day.

So when I was preparing, I would study everyday for 2 Hrs.

Now When I am running Medicoapps, Every day from 5:00 to 7:00 AM I will create Videos / Modules / Reply to Emails.

5:00 -7:00 AM Time for me is 

GOD Hours.


Now Lets See Why this 5:00 – 7:00 AM is Absolutely different from the Rest of the Day.

  1. You are absolutely fresh after having a Good Night Sleep
  2.  You are most relaxed [Most of the Fire Fighting and Anxiety comes as we move along the day]
  3. NOBODY Disturbs you during these Hours
  4. This Time BELONGS Exclusively to you


Throughout the Entire Day , Anybody can HIJACK your time with their own work or agenda but Nobody has an access to these morning 5:00-7:00 AM .



So What Can we Do in this Time ??

  • You can use it in any thing which is important to you.
  • You can Use it to start your NEET PG Preparation.
  • You can use it to exercise [If Health is a priority for you]
  • You can use to Learn Guitar or write poems.


How Much can you achieve using these 2 hrs??

I would say pretty much anything.

I am a full time practising physician and all what I have done in Medicoapps is 90% Done during these GOD Hours.

Research, Says that we always over-estimate what we can achieve it in short term and under-achieve what we can achieve in Long Term.

Just Two Hrs a day , Can help you build the required momentum to Get the ball moving.


And What can be a better way to start your day other than doing something that you truly want to accomplish.


But This is not All.


The REAL MAGIC happens what happens throughout the day.

With such a Kick Start and taking care of the Most Important thing even before the day starts for most of your friends,

You have are filled with a COMPLETE different level of energy to tackle your entire day with whatever the challenges it may bring.

Just Imagine That.

Now by giving such a simple solution (but a very powerful one ) I am in no way trying to underestimate the challenges you are facing at personal and family level because I understand things can get really really complex.

But Still thing simple solution may help focus on your most important goals along with effectively tackling your day to day challenges.


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I would Love to Know Your Thoughts . Email me at



Be Awesome
Stay Awesome
Dr Abhishek Gupta


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