Characteristic Radiation

Characteristic Radiation

Characteristic radiation concepts explained under 5 minutes 16 seconds

  • X-rays are produced by the collision of electrons with tungsten atoms
  • Collisions that occur are of two types, thus giving rise to two types of spectra
  • Continuous spectra (General radiation, Bremsstrahlung radiation or Braking radiation)
  • Characteristic spectrum or Line spectrum
  • Is also known as line spectrum
  • Occurs when an electron from the filament displaces an electron from a shell of a tungsten target atom – thereby ionizing the atom
  • When the outer-shell electron replaces the displaced electron, a photon is emitted with an energy equivalent to the difference in the two orbital binding energies
  • Characteristic radiation from the K shell occurs only above 70 kVp with a tungsten target and occurs as discrete increments compared with bremsstrahlung radiation

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