Dental Anatomy & Histology

Complete Your Entire Dental Anatomy & Histology
in Just 7 Days
studying Just 2-3 Hrs/Day

Dental Anatomy & Histology is one of the major subject of 1st year Prof. This branch is related to anatomy of tooth and also histology of tooth. This forms the base of complete dentistry as we should know the anatomy, number of roots, about course of pulp and canal etc.

Knowledge of Dental anatomy and histology is important to learn before starting with any subject be it clinical or non clinical.

Now Dental anatomy & Histology itself is a major subject but it also forms the base of other subjects as well e.g in Conservative and endo we should know the number of pulp chambers, in Oral surgery we should know the number of roots and morphology before extraction, likewise in other subject as well.

Basic knowledge of this subject is highly important to answer theory paper as well as your viva. Even clinical scenario based question requires a good foundational knowledge for planning the management.

DA DH requires firm foundational knowledge to form the base of every subject.

Now the question arises how to read this??

If  you try reading this from any one of the standard textbooks, it is so vast and bit complicated that you might get stressed by merely looking at the textbooks also you might feel boring and loose interest.

Moreover every chapter is a TOUGH task and it is impossible to differentiate between the Important points which have been frequently asked in examination or relatively unimportant points which are seldom asked in the exams.

Many of these topics in DA DH are easier to understand and remember if some Subject Expert teaches you rather you trying to understand them by reading books or Other sources.

Imagine if you can 

Complete the entire Dental anatomy & Histology

in just about 7 days studying

just about 2-3 hrs per day.


Imagine having access to Short & Precise Video Lectures

rather and long and boring video lectures

which you start watching but never finish.

Imagine having access to all the Multiple choice questions asked

in any exam over past 5 Years

neatly sorted so that you can quickly practice them.

Imagine if you have an access to Notes , but not just any Notes ,

but VISUAL Flashcards

which activates your visual memory

and help you remember faster , better, and for a much longer time.

Let me Introduce you to

BDS Express

Dental Anatomy & Histology Mobile App

This App is designed keeping in mind the challenges every student faces while trying to complete a subject like DA DH for 1st year Professional Exam

The Key Features of this App are

  1. Entire DA DH completed in about  15 Hrs of Video Lecture
  2. Short Precise Videos of 5-15 Minutes
  3. A Questions bank having all the DA DH previous year questions
  4. Visual Flash Cards within the App for Revision


Lets Talk about these Short Video Lectures First

First & foremost, this app covers high yield topics which are regularly asked in different universities across the nation. These high yield topics are selected from past 10 years question papers from different colleges/universities.

Secondly, these video lectures can even help you in revising the complete subject if you are planning to attempt NEET PG exam.

Now you must be wondering we have multiple resources like- Youtube, Slideshare, Wikipedia…….Then WHY BDS Express??

As we know reading complete subject and knowing each and every topic in depth is practically not possible for every student. So what we have done is we have simplified these high yield topics for you for better understanding & named it as

Exam Pass which can help you learn the subject even at the 11th hour.

According to various research, we cannot focus on for more than 20 minutes on any activity. So it’s actually not your problem if you start zoning out after 15 minutes.

And that is the reason why most of our videos range from 2 minutes to 10 minutes max. If You have 5 minutes , Cool , Watch one of these short videos and even without realizing one of your topics is complete. Learning Becomes Fun and more doable rather than frustrating.

If a student tries to learn DA DH on their own without proper guidance of what is important for exam i.e. Long note/Short note even questions for Viva is an uphill task

Now Imagine a faculty explaining you the core concept along with that mentioning about important long essay, short essay & even important viva point.

How cool is that ǃ ǃ ǃ

Now Let us Explore the Q Bank

There are so many “NEW Questions” which are there is all the review books or other app. Now We all know that “New Questions” do not comprise more than 20%of the total number of questions in any exam paper. The Rest 80% of the questions are based on Super Important and Core Concepts.

So we have to keep those Super Important & Core Concepts related questions in our Q Bank. We have ensured that all the previous year questions along with some latest but important concepts are included.

The total number of questions is just enough for you to solve at least 3-4 times without getting overwhelmed.

These Questions will even help you to achieve your target to clear NEET PG.

Revision is the Key – Visual Flash Cards

Now we all know revision is the key but revision from traditional notes / book is again not so exciting.

So we have completely revamped the notes for you. These notes are actually the Slides which we use to teach in the videos and they are so beautifully designed with a lot of images , that you are bound to remember them in the exam.

These Visual Flash Cards are Scientifically designed to Activate your visual memory which is far stronger than our normal memory.

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I will take all the RISK

What if you do not like this app ?

What if I do not benefit from the App ?

Is this App Worth my Time and Money ??

Yes I understand that with already so much study material already on your head (Which you still have to finish or revise) is it worth spending the TIME or the MONEY

Now Only you and Only You can answer this question.

But From My End , I can Give You an Offer Which You Cannot Refuse

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What Does this mean?

This means that you have a 30 days RISK Free Trial Period and for any reason you do not like the app we will refund 100% of your money back within 48 hrs of your refund request. Your DECISION to get a REFUND will be Final and there will be absolutely no questions asked from our end. And Yes its a 100% money back guarantee, which means no deduction and I will personally bear any internet transaction charges, any GST charges or even the payment gateway charges and you will get your entire money back in your account.

Infact not only our DA DH App but any Purchase from BDS Express is PROTECTED by a 30 Day No questions asked 100% Money back guarantee.

So How to Get the Dental Anatomy & Histology App

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Now At this time you may have some questions , Let answer them for you

Q. Exam is Just a few Months away . Will it benefit me?

Ans- Infact if your DA DH is still pending , this app can help you complete the entire medicine in the shortest possible time covering all the concepts. If you can spare 2-3 hrs per day then you can complete the entire DA DH in just 7 days.

Q. How Long can I use the App?

Ans- The validity of the App is 1 year.

Q. What if I have accidentally uninstalled the app or Lost or broken my phone ?

Ans- I understand that such things happen. All you have to do is email me at and I will check from our End if the App is in use or not. Then we will send you a new activation code

Q. How Often is the App is updated ? How will my App get new questions.

Ans- Video Lectures are update every 3-6 months . Notes will be updated along with the video lectures. We keep updating the Q Bank on a monthly basis. Your App will automatically updates every month.

Q. Some Images are missing . Some Questions seem wrong . What should I do ?

Ans- Although we take great care to maintain high degree of accuracy in our Q Bank however sometimes there may be missing images or some questions may have inadequate explanation or there may be something wrong with the question itself. There is an option to mark those questions Flag error and our Support team will immediately get back to you with the correct answer via email. The Questions will be updated in the app with our regular monthly updates.

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Still Have Questions ??

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