Delusional disorder

Delusional disorder

Delusional disorder:

  • Development of a single or a set of related delusion which are persistent
  • Hallucination, disorganization and negative symptoms are absent
  • Persecutory Type, Jealous Type, Erotomania Type, Grandiose Type
  • Somatic Type – Delusional parasitosis, Delusional dysmorphophobia, Delusion of Halitosis
  • Capgras Syndrome – Familiar person has been replaced by an imposter
  • Fregoli Syndrome – Familiar person are taking the guise of strangers
  • Syndrome of intermetamorphosis – People can change into other person
  • Syndrome of subjective doubles – Patient has many doubles who are living life of their own

Induced delusional disorder:

  • Characterized by spread of delusion from one person to another
  • Folie-e-deux – When two people are involved [Folie e trois, Folie e quatre]
  • The patient functions normally in domains which are unaffected by the delusion
  • Management – Antipsychotic Drugs

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