Dr Abhishek Gupta


Big Relationships start with a small Hi .

Hi , I am Dr Abhishek .

How would describe myself ?

Well lets see.

I feel god has blessed me in so so many things. New Creative projects get me excited. And if its not challenging , I will be soon be bored out of it.

I have simultaneously so many things running in my brain that sometime I feel I have some psychiatric problem but am really afraid to undergo any psychiatric evaluation.

I have been raised with very traditional value and hence truly value family , hardwork , sincerity and good karma.

Good Food and Good books are my biggest turn on.

And Once again god has blessed me with so many ways but his biggest blessing has been my Son , Ryaan.

Just for him I have created a new blog https://being-father.com/ . Just have a look at it and chances are you will find a lot of things useful to you.

I am not very active on Social media So I am putting the links of Medicoapps Social Media Channels.

For Youtube – Click Here

For Instagram – Click Here

For Telegram Group – Click Here

For Facebook Group – Click Here

P.S – I send weekly emails to some students on my lessons of life . It has nothing to do with business but just a direct channel to connect you with me.

In case you want to get those emails then join the gang.[They touch on very basic but important aspects and point of view to look at life] just share your name and email id and you will receive my weekly bites.


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