Ophthalmology Mobile App

Ophthalmology Mobile App

Ophthalmology Mobile App

The ophthalmology mobile app covers the entire syllabus of the subject that is required to crack any of the PG Medical entrance examinations.

It has 20 Exam important topics covered in the form of short video lectures of 6-7 minutes each with attached MCQs for your daily practice after the lecture.

The app has the following unique features:

Short video lectures (About 100 covering 20 topics)
About 3500 MCQs (including all previous year questions)
Visual flash cards for easy revision in pdf

The entire ophthalmology can be completed within 8 days if you give 1-2 hours to watch the video lectures and 1 hour to solve the MCQs.

Ophthalmology can be easily revised afterwards with our visual flashcards within 1 hour. So, you can learn & revise all the concepts of ophthalmology even if you give only 1-2 hours to this app daily.

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