Medicoapps Fight Club

The Day You Entered into your Medical College ,

beyond all the Celebrations and praise showered by your Family , Relatives and even friends,

Did you ever realize that you have become a PRISONER of society ?

Let me explain you and then probably you will understand .

There are About 500 Medical Colleges in India. Each has a Batch Strength of Almost 150. So basically Every Year About 75000 Medical Students Enter into MBBS.  And So I presume that every year 75000 MBBS Graduate out of various medical colleges in India.

Every Year Only a Max of 20,000 Students will enter into any PG / Diploma / DNB Courses or for that matter any similar courses.


So Every Year What will happen to the Remaining 55,000 students ??

Probably they will be imprisoned as MBBS for the REST OF THEIR LIFE


Now Theoretically MBBS is better than simple B.Sc or B.Com or BA. But As a MBBS you cannot practise [Nobody will come to you until and unless you are in some really remote town] and if you get a Job in any private or corporate hospital , you will be glorified clerks mostly carrying files and doing paperwork.

So Every One of the You , Who is Pursuing your MBBS is a FREEDOM Figther.

You are Fighting for your own FREEDOM.


And to really help you , this is an Exclusive Club

FREEDOM Fighters Club From Medicoapps

This is not a Club wherein You can Get your entry by paying any amount.

This Club is only for Students who Believe in Medicoapps.

This is an ENTRY by INVITATION only Club.

This is wherein I will share a lot of really helpful updates / notes / video lectures / interaction with toppers so that you can You Can FIGHT this Battle with Best of Your Abilities.

How can you get into the FREEDOM FIGHTERS CLUB ?

Step 1 – Download the FREEDOM FIGHTERS CLUB from Playstore by clicking here .

(Our iOS Version is being developed and will be out soon)

Step 2- Send the Verification message via Whats App [The App will automatically send it for you]


Be Awesome Stay Awesome


Dr Abhishek.


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