Complete Your NEET PG Syllabus

in 6 Months

Medicoapps Full Program is a Program

designed to help you complete your


in About 6 Months.

The Full Program consists of

  1. 1800 Pages PDF / Printed Notes
  2. 75 Modules Test (Last Year more than 1123 Students Appeared for these Tests)
  3. 20 All India Tests ( 8 NEET PG Pattern, 4 AIIMS , 4 DNB and 4 UPSC CMS Pattern)
  4. Access to Our High Yield Topics App (Lifetime Edition)
  5. Access to Our Image Based App (Lifetime Edition)
  6. Access to Our Shirt Quiz Revision App (Lifetime Edition)


The Plan – How to Complete the Syllabus in 6 Months


NEET PG Syllabus is HUGE.

The SYLLABUS and amount of information that is to be remembered is HUGE .

As you have been preparing for the NEET PG, you have been burdened with Review Books,Coaching Institute Notes, PDFs and What not.

So much is the SHEER VOLUME of the MATERIAL available that as you keep preparing you feel CRUSHED by the Huge Syllabus not knowing what to complete and what to leave.


You NEVER Are Able to Even Complete Your Syllabus


To help you complete your syllabus , I divided the 20 Subjects in 75 Modules.

Then I compiled notes from all credible sources and then remove all the unnecessary information, keeping only the important and often repeated topics and points from PG Point of view.

By this I was able to Condense all the 75 Modules ( 20 Subjects )  of NEET PG Exam preparation into 1800 Pages .

So Even if you complete only 10 PAGES / Day

you will be able to

complete the entire syllabus

in next 6 months.


So Here is what the Full Program is All About.

The Entire Syllabus is divided into about 75 Modules. Each Modules has a timeline (For you to complete it ) and a All India Online Test on the Module (So that you can gauge your preparation vis-a-vis competition)

It’s that Simple !!!

You complete about 10 Pages a Day , preparing for the module test (Which will happen every in 3-4 Days ) and Boom You Syllabus in Complete within Next 6 Months.

Not Only This Your Full Program gives Access to 20 Full Length AlI India Test.

The Full Length All India Online Test will be as below

  1. 8 Full Length All India Test NEET PG Pattern (2nd Sunday Every Month)
  2. 4 AIIMS PG Pattern All India Test (To Be Held in Before May and Nov AIIMS)
  3. 4 DNB Pattern All India Test (Before June DNB 2018)
  4. 4 UPSC CMS Pattern Test (Start 4 Weeks Before UPSC CMS 2018)


These Tests are as close at it can get to the real exams as most of the questions are made based on actual question asked in these exams.



Along with

  • 1800 Pages Notes
  • 75 Module Tests
  • 20 All India Test Series


Full Program Give you the Full Access to our

Highest Rated mobile Apps (Lifetime Edition)


High Yield Topic App

(One Year Subscription)

The High Yield Topics App is a collection of more than 1100 High Yield Topics regularly repeated in various PG Entrance Exams. Each High Yield Topics have 1-2 Paragraph of Synopsis along with all the previous year questions asked on that Topic.


So basically it helps you revise all the high yield topics along with solving all the authentic previous year MCQs on that topic within 5-7 Minutes.

With a Playstore rating of 4.7 out of 5 ,this App itself sells for Rs 2999/- and it is included in our Full Program.


Image Based MCQ App

(One Year Subscription)

Image based questions have become very important in the Online NEET PG Exams.  

Medicoapps Image based MCQ App is one of the Highest Rated Image Based App on Playstore (Rating of 4.6 out of 5 , Even though its Paid @ Rs 999/- )

This Image based App has Authentic Image based question from various PG Entrance exams (in Past 5 Years) along with complete explanations.

With more thatn 50,000 Students using this app, this App is separately sold for Rs 999/- but is included in our FULL Program.

NEET PG Short Quiz Revision

(One Year Subscription)

During the Exams did you ever feel stuck between two options (After eliminating the other two options of the MCQ easily) ?

Do you feel that no matter how hard you study you will finally forget everything during the exams.

Do you have the feeling of unbearable pressure of NEET PG Preparation even after studying so hard.

Well All the Above can be easily handled just by ensuring that you regularly practice MCQs.

Practising MCQs help you in 3 Critical Ways

  1. It helps you memorize and remember facts much better
  2. It acts a guiding star in knowing what is important from PG point of view and what you can skip
  3. It Helps you do develop a SIXTH Sense or a knack of solving MCQs which will help you to choose the correct options when stuck in exam between the last two options


Medicoapps NEET PG MCQ app has over 20,000 Questions with complete explanations arranged in subjectwise and unitwise manner.

It separately sells for Rs 1999/- and it is so awesome that we never put it on playstore. Yes you cannot find even the trial version on playstore.

But with the Full Program you can get access to it.

So To Recap In our Full Program you get

  1. 1800 Pages Notes ( PDF or Printed Version )
  2. Test Series
    1. 75 Module Tests
    2. 20 All India Tests
  3. Medicoapps Best Rated App
    1. High Yield Topics App
    2. Image Based MCQ App
    3. Short quiz Revision App


Pricing of the NEET PG Full Program

1800 Pages PDF Notes 4999/- (PDF Version)
Test Series 3999/-
High Yield Topic App 2999/-
Shor quiz Revision App 1999/-
Image Based MCQ App 999/-
Total Cost ~ 15,000/-
Cost of Full Program

(After Discount) 


(with PDF Notes)

Special Early Bird Discount Offer


Special Offer 1 – FREE Printed Notes


For the First 100 Students to Enrol will get Printed Notes (Worth 5999/-)


Please Note :- We have ordered only Limited Number of Printed Notes so the above offer will be removed as soon as we reach 100 Students Mark. Once Your Order in complete you will get a confirmation if you qualify for FREE Printed notes or not.

You can also call me at 94 94 08 8000 before making the payment to confirm the availability of FREE PRINTED Notes

(Want a Sample of Our Notes:- Email me at and mention which 2 subject notes you require.  I will email you the complete PDF Notes of any subjects of your choice so that you can decide if the notes is worth your time and money or not. Yes 2 Complete Subject Notes for FREE )


Special Offer 2Discount Code of FLAT Rs 2000/-

For the First 500 Students to Enrol

will get an additional discount of Rs 2000/-

You can unlock the discount by using the Sharing the Page on FB

Discount Code – HAPPY2000

(In case you are not able to unlock the discount code send a Whats App message to 94 94 08 8000 and I will personally send you the Discount Code)

So if you join Now For Rs 9999/- (If you Buy Now)  You will get

  1. 1800 Pages Printed Notes
  2. Full Test Series (75 Module Test + 20 All India Tests)
  3. Lifetime Access to Our Four Blockbuster Apps
    1. NEET PG High Yield App
    2. NEET PG Image Based MCQ App
    3. NEET PG MCQ Revision App
    4. NEET PG One Liner App





To Recap Our Full Program for 9999 /- (If You Buy Now)  You Get

  1. 1800 Pages Notes
  2. Full Test Series (75 Module Tests + 20 All India Tests)
  3. Lifetime Access to our Four BLOCKBUSTER Apps
    1. NEET PG High Yield Topics App
    2. NEET PG Short Quiz Revision App
    3. NEET PG image Based App


Not To Forget Our 2 Special Offers

Special Offer 1 – First 100 Students Gets Free Printed Notes

Special Offer 2- Flat 2000/- Off By Unlocking the Discount Code in The Lock box Below (In case you are not able to Get the Discount Code send a Whats App Message to me at 94 94 08 8000 and I will personally send you the Discount Code)

With a 60 Days No Questions asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.

How To Buy ?

Step 1 – Click on Buy Now Full Program Button

Step 2 – Enter Your Details

Step 3- Use the Discount Code

Step 4 – Pay using CREDIT Card / Debit Card / Netbanking

Step 5- Forward the Payment Confirmation received on your email to

(It Usually take less than 24 Hrs to Process the payment and send you the all the details.

All the relevant details will be emailed to you on your email id)



Still Have any Questions ?

You can Email me at

You can Whats App me at +91 94 94 08 8000

You can Call me at +91 94 94 08 8000 (Only Between 11 AM to 5 PM)


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