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Offer Details

Flat 50% Discount for Batch of 2021

This means that Every Student of MAMC Batch of 2021 can get the 1st MBBS App only for Rs 2499/-


Next Year Updgrade  @2499/- Only

This means that next year When you pay us just Rs 2499/- then your Apps validity will increase by 1 Year and it will even include all the 2nd year subjects. Which means that Just by paying Rs 2499/- Next year you can access all First Year Subjects + All 2nd Year.

What happens when you go to the 3rd year. When you go to 3rd year, You Just pay us Rs 2499/- and then You app will be upgraded and have All First Year + All 2nd Year + All 3rd Year Subjects.

And The same happens when you enter into your final year .

Which means you will never have to worry about any price increase and every year you all will automatically include all the additional subjects, with all the latest video lectures , Q Banks and Visual Flash Cards.


for Group Offer Students.

So if you miss this Group Sale You will never will able to get the Upgrade offer


Monthly Personal Mentorship Sessions

Get Mentored by Top Professors and NEETPG / AIIMS PG Exam Toppers Every Month .

Every Month once or twice we have a Zoom call wherein one of our Professors or a Topper will interact with you and answer your questions related to college or PG exams.

This interaction will help you to get personal guidance and stay on the track by providing you the necessary motivation.



Terms of the Offer

This Offer will only UNLOCK when atleast 20 Students from MAMC batch of 2021 enrolls for this offer.

Just to ensure that only serious students opt in for the offer, it is necessary that you will have to pay a small amount of Rs 49/- to Enroll for this offer.

Now if the Offer does not unlock at the end of the offer period your Rs 49/- will be completely refunded within 24 hrs.


Additional Bonus for first 20 Students to Enroll

For the First 20 Students who enroll for this group offer by paying Rs 49/- will get additional 25% Off . So they will have to pay only 1999/- for 1 Year of Access instead of Rs 2499/-.

This is our way of thanking those first 20 students who trust us to accept our offer and be a part of our Medicoapps Community


I will take all the RISK


At this point you will have some really important questions running in your mind.

What if you do not like this app ?

What if I do not benefit from the App ?

Is this App Worth my Time and Money ??

But To be true

Only You can answer this question.

You can Download the 3 day Full Access to the App

by Clicking Here to try it out by yourself

But From My End ,

I can Give You an Offer

Which You Cannot Refuse

A 30 Days No Questions
100% Money Back Guarantee

What Does this mean?

This means that you have a 30 days RISK Free Trial Period and for any reason you do not like the app we will refund 100% of your money back within 48 hrs of your refund request. Your DECISION to get a REFUND will be Final and there will be absolutely no questions asked from our end. And Yes its a 100% money back guarantee, which means no deduction and I will personally bear any internet transaction charges, any GST charges or even the payment gateway charges and you will get your entire money back in your account.

Infact not only our 1st MBBS App but any Purchase from Medicoapps is PROTECTED by a 30 Day No questions asked 100% Money back guarantee.

Click Here to Enroll for the Group Offer

Pay Rs 49/-

List of Already Enrolled Paid User for the Group Offer

(List Updated on a Daily Basis)

  1. Dr Abhishek – Enrolled on 17th June 2021
  2. Dr Amit – Enrolled on 17th June 2021
  3. Dr Sandeep – Enrolled on 18th June 2021
  4. Dr Rajesh – Enrolled on 18th June 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions about this offer

Q. Exam is Just a few Months away . Will it benefit me?

Ans-Yes , Infact this 1st MBBS App can really help you get great marks in your University Exams. Also let say that you have moved to your second year and still 6 month validity of the app is left . Then you can upgrade your app for 2nd Year (By Paying 2499/-) and the validity of your app will be total 18 Months (6 Month of the left validity will be carried over ).

Q. How Long can I use the App?

Ans- The validity of the App is 1 year.

Q. What if I have accidentally uninstalled the app or Lost or broken my phone ?

Ans- I understand that such things happen. All you have to do is email me at and I will check from our End if the App is in use or not. Then we will send you a new activation code

Q. How Often is the App is updated ? How will my App get new questions.

Ans- Video Lectures are update every 3-6 months . Notes will be updated along with the video lectures. We keep updating the Q Bank on a monthly basis. Your App will automatically updates every month.

Q. Some Images are missing . Some Questions seem wrong . What should I do ?

Ans- Although we take great care to maintain high degree of accuracy in our Q Bank however sometimes there may be missing images or some questions may have inadequate explanation or there may be something wrong with the question itself. There is an option to mark those questions Flag error and our Support team will immediately get back to you with the correct answer via email. The Questions will be updated in the app with our regular monthly updates.

Q. Will there will videos or study material on practical exams of 1st MBBS ?

Ans – Yes, We are working to create dedicated videos for viva and practical for 1st MBBS. The Videos and notes will be automatically updated in the app.

Q. Will there be LIVE Videos / Classes in the App ?

Ans – Yes , we are already in the final stages of launching LIVE classes within our app. It may take another 4 months for it to be functional. But Adding Live Videos require a  lot of resources and so if you join this group offer , you are helping us to bring this feature without any additional cost to you. So if I may request , kindly enroll for this group offer and share it with your friends. Once we reach a certain number of users , we will launch LIVE classes as a part of Medicoapps Platform.





Still Have Questions ??

You can reach to us via

Email –

Call  @ +91 94 94 73 8000 [9:00 AM to 5:00 PM]

Whats App – Click Here to Chat with us on Whats App


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