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“Stop Wishing Start Doing”  Dr Zainab Vora
All India Rank 1
NEET PG – 2015

PG Preparation is TOUGH and can be really FRUSTRATING.

The SYLLABUS and amount of information that is to be remembered is HUGE.

As you have been preparing for the NEET PG, you have been burdened with Review Books,Coaching Institute Notes, PDFs and What not.

So much is the SHEER VOLUME of the MATERIAL available that as you keep preparing you feel CRUSHED by the Huge Syllabus not knowing what to complete and what to leave.

You make plans one after another and everytime it seems that nothing is working out

After sometime you start feeling that the fault is yours and finally you end up feeling
Damn It !

We are expected to cover at least one review book , supplement it with notes from standard books and if possible add on additional material on latest updates on that subjects form internet or coaching institute notes.

trying to squeeze out time for study
(Especially if you an Intern or a Medical Officer working
with some PHC or Dispensary or Hospital )

What If you have made several different

What if besides all the
you have seen on YOUTUBE
you still are not able to make any progress.

What if you end up feeling that
“there is something wrong with you”
and you feel that
“its all your fault”

What if secretly you have started looking for other “side courses” to atleast show that you are “specialist” because you know it is really damn tough for you to get a PG seat.

Can something help you to get Out of the planning mode and actually push you toward the actual preparation?

Can something really help you to utilize those small snippets of 5-10 minutes that you have while working as an Intern or Medical Officer ?

Can something actually reduce the
HUGE SYLLABUS of PG Preparation

Subject Wise Approach :- Requires a Lot of Time & Effort

The Usual approach to PG preparation is Subject Wise Approach.

In this approach you start with a subject and read all the topics one by one building concepts and learning.

While there is nothing wrong with this approach , but most of you have tried this approach and probably failed.

Why ?

The subject wise approach is excellent for someone who is still pursuing his MBBS, as this approach requires a lot more time and sustained effort.

If you are are working as an Intern or a Medical Officer then by all means you are already hard pressed for Time.

If you try this method , every time you start a subject, even after giving 2-3 weeks you are only half way through the subject and you start feeling frustrated at the slow pace of your progress.

If you continue dragging yourself and let’s say you somehow manage to complete the subject, the revision will become the biggest challenge as you move to pick up reading the next subject.

And so if you have tried (And failed) using the subjectwise approach , it is time to move to the newest way of PG Preparation.

High Yield and Latest Trending Topic Wise Approach New Paradigm in PG Preparation

In this approach you start preparing following the most important and Latest trending topics.

This Topic wise approach is so good that even Rank 1, NEET PG Topper , Dr Shabnam, herself recommended it as the most important strategy to crack NEET PG.

80/20 Rule of Success in PG Preparation

80/20 Rule of Success in PG Preparation says that 80% Questions will come from 20% of the Topics.

As Dr Shabnam, Rank 1 – NEET PG, herself told how critically important it is to know and learn the HIGH YIELD and Latest Trending NEET PG Topics because even though the same questions may not be repeated but the Topics Stay the same and its just that the questions are asked in a different way.

All of you already know What Dr Shabnam is saying is true and These 20% High Yield Topics will largely decide whether you will get a good rank or will be preparing for yet another year.

However Do you realize that these 20% Topics (From which 80% of the Questions are asked) decide 99% of the competition. How ?

Most of The Students do not realize that EVEN TOPPER STUDENTS like Dr SHABNAM are not able to solve DIFFICULT or NEVER SEEN BEFORE Questions and hence on such kind of questions essentially everyone is equal.

But the Real Difference between someone who gets a Top Rank like Dr Shabnam and the Ones who gets a lower rank and someone who does not even get the qualifying marks is these High Yield Topics.

If you can get almost every one of the Questions asked on High Yield Topics you will end up being a Topper but if you get these questions wrong you may not even qualify.

These 20% High Yield Topics Decide 99% of the Competition.

Now as you already know the importance of High Yield and Latest Trending Topics that Even Top Rankers in NEET PG Like Dr Shabnam recommending this approach in her interviews

Now Imagine

Imagine You have a source wherein you get all these HIGH YIELD and LATEST TRENDING Topics compiled all under one place.

Each Topic has a SHORT SYNOPSIS (Not more than 1-2 Paragraphs ) containing the most IMPORTANT Points on that particular topics.

Imagine Not Only You have the SYNOPSIS but the Actual AUTHENTIC question which has been asked on that particular topic in all the different PG exams.

Imagine How will you feel if you can complete a HIGH YIELD or LATEST Trending Topics within 5-7 Minutes.

Imagine How swiftly one after other you are completing these topics effortlessly.

Let me Introduce

NEET PG High Yield Topic Mobile App

NEET PG High Yield Topic Mobile App is a Mobile App especially designed for Interns or Medical Officer who are juggling hard between Job and PG Preparation.

The Main Features of This App is

  • More than 2197 High Yield Topic & Latest Trending Topics
  • Each Topic has Synopsis followed by All the Authentic exam questions asked on the topic
  • 3-5 High Yield or Latest Trending Topics added on a Daily Basis

Let me Explain you in a little detail

Basically there more than 2197 Topics with Review Synopsis ( 1-2 Paragraphs)with all the questions asked on that topic give below for practice just below each topic.

So basically you Open a Topic Say ULNAR NERVE (Yes These are HIGH YIELD and LATEST TRENDING Topics over past 4-5 Years) and Read the Text Given on the Topic.

The Theory Text in carefully compiled so that almost every topic is summarized in 1-2 Paragraphs keeping only the most important and often repeated points.

Once you have read the Summary Text then just below the Summary Text there is an option to PRACTICE all the questions that has been asked over past 4-5 Years in any PG Exam on that Topic.

Once You have Attempted the Questions on that Topic you are again Show the Recap of the Short Summary Points so that you remember these points even in your DREAMS and the You move on to the NEXT HIGH YIELD or LATEST Trending Topic.

Basically you can effortlessly cover topic taking only 5-7 Minutes per Topic.

Imagine the HUGE ADVANTAGE You will have if you can cover this CRITICAL HIGH YIELD and LATEST TRENDING Topics effortlessly in No TIME

Remember 99% of the Competition is on the Questions asked from these HIGH YIELD and LATEST Trending Topics

You DON’T Need to Have A Distinction in MBBS to do it

You DON’T Need to have Indepth Conceptual Clarity to do it

You DON’T Need a Lot of TIME to do it.

Consider This Most Coaching Institutes Charges in excess of 1,00,000 for their classroom program and you feel Frustrated attending their long boring classes

Even the Crash Course program may costs more than 50,000 and still will help you very little.

Even websites with online videos costs you about 40,000 for 1 Year

Many of you will end up paying 1000’s of Ruppes in Test Series (In which you will never attempt more than 3-5 Tests in the entire Year)

This App Brings you the Benefits of All the Above in one simple app

  • It Help you clear concepts and Revise the most important topics
  • It will keep you practising Authentic Exam Question Alongside each topic
  • And We are planning to Add Conceptual Video Lectures to each of these high yield topics so that you are never missing on important concepts

But Here it will not cost you 1,00,000’ or even 10,000’s

I wanted this app to be affordable to all hence the PRICE of the app is 2999/-

The cost of NEET PG form itself is around 5000/-
Buying the BEST App for NEET PG High Yield Topics for a half the cost
Is a No Brainer.

This App has
More Than 2197 High Yield and Latest Trending Topics
which you can complete easily in
Small amount of time ( 5-7 Minutes / Topic).

This App will help you

  • Even If You have not been able to Complete your Syllabus Till Now
  • Even If are Working and Do not have Enough Time
  • Even if you at this point are completely Depressed & Under confident

Now I am so confident that you will like this app that I am going to make you an

60 Days No Questions Asked
100 % Money Back Guarantee

Which means if for Any reason you don’t like the app then you can just write in an email and we will Refund you 100% of your money within 24 Hrs. In Other Word After Paying for the App you can use it for 60 Days and see for yourself if the app will help you or not. Anytime after buying in the next 60 days you can get 100% Money back (Yes 100%, We will bear the Internet Transaction Cost, GST Tax and Payment Gateway Charges and everything else and you will get every single rupee back in your account)

?? At this Point You may Have A few question Let me try and answer them one by one.

Will this App actually Help Me ??

I know this the most important questions but I believe that only you can answer this question. All I can say is you can pay and download the App , use it for upto 2 Months and at anytime you feel that this app is not helpful just email me at and I will refund 100% Of your money without asking any questions. So if it does not help you , you do not lose anything. But Consider this app really helping you to move from a perpetual planning stage to actual completing the most important NEET PG topics in a very fast and easy way.

Who will really benefit from this App?

This App is NOT MEANT for students who are still pursuing their MBBS. But Any student who is doing their internship or working as Medical Officer and is really juggling between work and PG Preparation, this App could be a life saver. Imagine utilizing those small snippets of 10-15 minutes you wish you could open your book and read but end up wasting. This app can help you learn the most important NEET PG topics in the easiest way possible utilizing those wasted 10-15 minutes.

How Should We Use this App ?

Well this app should be used in addition to whatever study material you are currently using. So basically If you are in Hospital or PHC (Where you have only 5-10 minutes of uninterrupted time) you should exclusively use this app and never carry your books. You can use this app not only to read and learn but to discuss with your colleagues. When you are at home , you should use this app for revision every time you take a break from your regular studies.

Will Solving Questions from this App be helpful ?

Yes Absolutely. Solving Questions from App is like playing a video game. If you are reading something from the book, it requires a minimum of 30-45 minutes of undivided attention and focus to cover 2-3 Pages. If you are disturbed on a regular interval (Like in a hospital or PHC , where in you have a patient visiting or some work being allotted at regular intervals) it becomes difficult and useless to read from the Books. Whereas in this app even in those small snippets of time between two patients you can easily solve a few question and keep learning.Hence this App is a MUST HAVE for any intern or a Medical Office preparing for their PG Exams.

Is there Image Based Questions or Topics in this App??

Yes There are about 60 -80 High Yield Image based Topics (Like ECG, Chest Xray, Abdominal Xray, CT Head, etc).
Each of the Questions will have complete explanations

Is the App Offline or Does it require INTERNET connection ??

90% of the Content on the App is Offline and you need not connect to internet to use it. However There is a section for LATEST Updates , which has VIDEO TUTORIALS , Image Based Questions FOR VISUAL LEARNING which will require internet for attempting those topics

What is the VALIDITY of the App ? How Long Can I use the App After Download ?

The App has a 1 Year Validity and can be used only on ONE DEVICE.
If you want to use it on multiple device you have to buy a new licence for every new device.

How Often are new topics added ?

We typically add about 3-5 Topics on a Daily Basis. The new topics and questions will be automatically updated on your app .

Why Should we trust You?

We have helped thousands of students crack NEET PG exam over past 11 Years and were pioneers in Mobile Apps for PG Exam Preparation.
Our Image Based App is undoubtedly rated THE BEST RESOURCE for image based questionW ith more than 50,000 Students using it at an Average User rating of 4.6 (Whats App has a rating of 4.4 and FB official App has a rating of 4.0)
Our Facebook Page has more than 37,000 Fans While Our Facebook Group has about 40,000 Group Members. (Just Search for Medicoapps on Facebook) .

How to Get the High Yield Topics Mobile App

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Step 2-
Enter you Name / Email ID and Phone Number

Step 3-

Step 4-
After completion of Payment forward the Payment Receipt

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