NEET PG High Yield Topics

NEET PG Exam or For that matter any PG Entrance exam is TOUGH to say the Least.

So HUGE Syllabus and SO SO many Books / Mobile Apps / Preparation resources out there.

Sometimes students STRUGGLE even to know where to START their PG Preparation from.

This NEET PG High Yield Topics Mobile App, is a uniquely designed Mobile App, not only to help you KICKSTART your NEET PG Preparation but Master the most important high yield Topics.

Let me Tell the Most Important thing (Which Only the Toppers Know but do not share)

The 80/20 RULE of Success in PG Preparation

80/20 Rule of Success in PG Preparation says that 80% Questions will come from 20% of the Topics.

These Topics are TYPICALLY Know as HIGH Yield Topics . See the Below Video In Which NEET PG Rank 1 , Dr Shabnam herself talks about these topics as the MOST IMPORTANT STRATEGY for her PG Preparation.

[videopress SgBMW86d]

As Dr Shabnam, Rank 1 – NEET PG, herself told how critically important it is to know and learn the HIGH YIELD and Latest Trending NEET PG Topics because even though the same questions may not be repeated but the Topics Stay the same and its just that the questions are asked in a different way.

All of you already know What Dr Shabnam is saying is true and These 20% High Yield Topics will largely decide whether you will get a good rank or will be preparing for yet another year.

NEET PG High Yield Topic Mobile App is a Mobile App

especially designed for Interns or Medical Officer

who are juggling hard between Job and PG Preparation.

The Main Features of This App is

  1. More than 1197 High Yield Topic & Latest Trending Topics
  2. Each Topic has Synopsis followed by All the Authentic exam questions asked on the topic
  3. 3-5 High Yield or Latest Trending Topics added on a Daily Basis
  4. Weekly 3-5 Video Lectures Added

Let me Explain you in a little detail

Basically there more than 1197 Topics with Review Synopsis ( 1-2 Paragraphs)with all the questions asked on that topic give below for practice just below each topic.

So basically you Open a Topic Say ULNAR NERVE (Yes These are HIGH YIELD and LATEST TRENDING Topics over past 4-5 Years) and Read the Text Given on the Topic.

The Theory Text in carefully compiled so that almost every topic is summarized in 1-2 Paragraphs keeping only the most important and often repeated points.

Once you have read the Summary Text then just below the Summary Text there is an option to PRACTICE all the questions that has been asked over past 4-5 Years in any PG Exam on that Topic.

Once You have Attempted the Questions on that Topic you are again Show the Recap of the Short Summary Points so that you remember these points even in your DREAMS and the You move on to the NEXT HIGH YIELD or LATEST Trending Topic.

Basically you can effortlessly cover topic taking only 5-7 Minutes per Topic.

Imagine the HUGE ADVANTAGE You will have if you can cover this CRITICAL HIGH YIELD and LATEST TRENDING Topics effortlessly in No TIME

Remember 99% of the Competition is on the Questions asked from these HIGH YIELD and LATEST Trending Topics

You DON’T Need to Have A Distinction in MBBS to do it

You DON’T Need to have Indepth Conceptual Clarity to do it

You DON’T Need a Lot of TIME to do it.

This App will help you

  • Even If You have not been able to Complete your Syllabus Till Now
  • Even If are Working and Do not have Enough Time
  • Even if you at this point are completely Depressed & Under confident

Now I am so confident that you will like this app that I am going to make you an


60 Days No Questions Asked

100 % Money Back Guarantee

Which means if for Any reason you don’t like the app then you can just write in an email and we will Refund you 100% of your money within 24 Hrs. In Other Word After Paying for the App you can use it for 60 Days and see for yourself if the app will help you or not. Anytime after buying in the next 60 days you can get 100% Money back (Yes 100%, We will bear the Internet Transaction Cost, GST Tax and Payment Gateway Charges and everything else and you will get every single rupee back in your account)

How to Get the High Yield Topics Mobile App

Step 1- Click on the “Order Now” Button Below 

Step 2- Enter you Name / Email ID and Phone Number

Step 3- Make the Payment (CREDIT CARD / DEBIT CARD / NETBANKING)

Step 4- After completion of Payment forward the Payment Receipt

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