Image Based Question with Complete Explanation 

[NEET PG / DNB / AIIMS PG 2012 2020 ]

Are You Still wasting Time Searching for Authentic NEET PG / DNB Image Based Questions ???



NEET PG – The Changing Trend

PG Preparation if TOUGH

The Syllabus and the amount of information that need to be learned is HUGE.

And with such huge syllabus to complete you may lose track of one of the most important changes that is happening in the NEET PG/ DNB Exams.

Yes the Most Obvious and important change is the Image Based Questions however not many realize the net impact it has on our NEET PG / DNB Ranks.

Consider this for a Moment.

On an average there were more than

60-80 Image based questions in each

and every session of NEET PG since 2013.


This Means 1 Out of Every 4-5 Question was an Image Based Question


This Means that this is the single Chunk of Questions is the Most CRITICAL factor whether it comes to qualifying or getting Good Ranks in NEET PG / DNB Exams.

Image Based Question – Problem Statement

The problem lies that many students in spite of knowing the increasing importance of Image Based question do not put in extra dedicated effort into it.

I have seen students asking about Tips on how to prepare for image based question on various online forums and website.And then there would be some discussion but nothing concrete.

Riding on the trend of image based questions almost all book authors have started putting some images or image based questions at the end of the book, however they are far from being adequate to give you an edge in exam.

Certain publishers have also published a dedicated image based question bank but it is a mere mockery of the image based questions. In such books there are very few images are really helpful and most are filler question which are unlikely to come in exams. Even the photos are so small (mostly downloaded from internet) and worthless as you can hardly see the features for spotting the right answer in them.

Worst part is there is hardly any explanation and there is no point cramming the names without even understanding what you are studying about. Nothing comes to close being a quick review resource which covers most of the important image based question along with good explanatory notes to build up your confidence for Image based questions.

If you are still wondering if such a resource for image based questions will be helpful you will be surprised to hear from so many students who got < 5000 Rank in AIIMS 2016 but were not even in top 20,000 in NEET Jan 2018.


Almost all of the students attributed their lower rank in NEET PG Jan 2018

to the Image based questions.

Can You REALLY Score Very High in Image Based Question ??

Yes Definitely ,

All you need to score high in Image based Question in NEET PG / DNB is a RIGHT RESOURCE which has

  • Compilation of Authentic exam questions from NEET PG / DNB and AIIM
  • Collection of highly relevant images from standard text Books with explanatory notes on each image so that you don’t have to end of learning name without understanding the concepts in the image
  • High Quality Images (Not Just Filler random images downloaded from Internet)

NEET PG Image Based

Mobile App

  • Quickly solves all the Image based questions of NEET PG / DNB and AIIMS
  • Quickly Learn All Important Image Based Concepts
  • High Quality Images with Explanations and references from Standard Text Books


Learn and Revise Image Based Questions without wasting a lot of Time

Anyone can do it easily even in Last 1-2 weeks before exams

This Image Based Question Bank is 

high quality compilation of

authentic PG Exam questions along with

Databank of images from various Standard Text books

with relevant Explanatory notes on Each image.

It’s a Must Have for every PG Aspirant.

These images you must have come across in various PG Preparation guides but what makes this Image based question bank unique is it has an explanatory notes attached with each Image so that not only you build your concepts on that image but also you know precisely what points can be asked on this image.

Easily this Image Based Question Mobile App can help you

score 30-50 Marks more in you DNB and NEET PG Exams.

30-50 Vital Question that can easily cost you your PG Seats

The Main Features of the Image Based Question Mobile App are

  • Authentic PG Questions with explanatory Notes
  • High Quality Images from Standard Sources
  • Explanatory Notes with Each Question

Why this app is better than any other guide book ??

This app is an ABSOLUTE COMPILATION of AUTHENTIC PREVIOUS YEAR PG QUESTIONS along with HIGH QUALITY IMAGES taken from STANDARD TEXT BOOKS (Which has high chances of being made into image based questions) with each image accompanied by EXPLANATORY NOTES

This App is Completely Offline with Automated Updates every 3 Months

Which means this app will give you the convenience to keep learning anywhere anytime

(You cannot carry your notes everywhere and all the time).

This becomes really important if you are an Intern or a Junior Resident or even working as Medical officer at some PHC

Also This App keeps updating itself with new questions once in every 3 Months so that you need not buy any other book or resource ever.

  • More Than 40K People Recommend on Facebook
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  • Top Rated with Average Rating of 4.4 out of 5


Price of Image Based App – 1999/-

How to Get the Image Based App?

  1. Click on Click Here to Get Image Based Mobile App Button
  2. Fill In Your Name / Email ID / Phone Number
  3. Pay Using Credit Card / Debit Card / Netbanking / Mobile Wallets
  4. Forward the Payment Reciept to

Is the Image Based Mobile App Worth the TIME or Money ??

Yes I understand that with already so many study material already on your head (Which you still have to finish or revise) is it worth spending the TIME or the MONEY

Now Only you can answer this question.
From my end I can PROMISE you 2 Things
  1. This Image Based Mobile App is the MOST Recommended Image Based Source
  2. Just so that you can try it for yourself and see whether it is helpful to you or not I am allowing a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.





30 Days NO Question Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t like the app then you can just write in an email and we will refund you 100% of your money within 7 Working days.

Let me make you feel SPECIAL

I will give you 2 More Reasons to Purchase you Image Based App right away.
If You Purchase the Image Based App within next 12 Hrs then I will Give You these Two Bonuses Absolutely FREE
  1. Exclusive ECG Video Lectures based on Actual Exam Questions asked in NEET PG (Worth 499/-)
  2. PDF Compilation of “Most Common” Type Questions Asked (Worth 199/-)

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Exam is Just a few Months away . Will it benefit me?

Ans- The Questions in the Image based Mobile App are all based on Authentic Questions asked in NEET PG / DNB and AIIMS PG exams. This makes it a valuable tool just before the exams.

Q. How Long can I use the App?

Ans- If you buy it Till 30th September ,2018 You will get LIFETIME Access. Any purchase after that will be valid for 1 Year Plus. (1 Year Plus means that One Year + Time till Next PG Exam. For Example If you buy it in October 2018 , it will be valid Till Jan 2020 (Till Next NEET PG )

Q. What if I have accidentally uninstalled the app or Lost or broken my phone ?

Ans- I understand that such things happen. All you have to do is email me at and I will check from our End if the App is in use or not. Then we will send you a new activation code

Q. How Often is the questions updated ? How will my App get new questions.

Ans- New Questions are updated every 3 Months. You do not have to do anything. Whenver you open the app while connected to internet, the app automatically downloads all the new questions in the background.

Q. Some Images are missing . What should I do ?

Ans- Since the app is designed to work offline, the images are downloaded on your Mobile Phone for offline use. However sometimes due to internet / network issues some images may not be downloaded. Generally the no of such questions will < 1% of the total questions. In case of missing images you do not have to do anything as the images will be downloaded next time the app updates itself. If a lot of images are missing you can email me at


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