MedicoApps Masterclass

Medicoapps Masterclass

MedicoApps Masterclass App for NEET PG concepts in less then 5 minutes

MasterClass App

Stuck on where to go for a quick recap of each subject?  Struggling to find one place for a crash course of all your subjects? Worry not when you have the MedicoApps Masterclass App.

The Medico MasterClass App is designed just for you! It has easy explanations for every topic that you find problematic and it is in a video format, easy to learn within seconds!


The MasterClass App is beneficial for PG Entrance Exams because

  • Concepts can be understood in no time at all!
  • If you understand these concepts very well, there will be no problem with larger topics for the exam
  • Heavy topics are explained in under 5 mins! Where else will you get this!

With this App, you will be able to learn every subject and topic, in just under 5 mins! That is quicker than go through a 100-page textbook!

Only for Rs 14999/-

These MasterClasses will make or break your exams. It is suitable for all students whether you are in 1st, 2nd, 3rd year or even during your internship year. This is a great revision tool making concepts easier to understand and exam oriented.

The MasterClass App has

  • All subjects and concepts explained in video format
  • Examples from exam questions for each concept
  • All explanations in short videos under 5 mins!
  • Videos from Dr Abhishek Gupta himself!

With visual aids in the form of videos and a direct link to Dr Abhishek Gupta who will answer all your questions and doubts personally, you will be prepared to answer all your one liner and MCQ questions within no time!

This is an Unbelievable offer for just Rs 14999/-  where you get all these benefits, under one App.  Hurry and grab this offer now!

Here is how it works

  1. Download MedicoApps Masterclass by clicking ‘BUY Now’ at the bottom of this page
  2. Enter your email and WhatsApp number to get verified
  3. Make the Payment ((CREDIT CARD / DEBIT CARD / NETBANKING/ PayTM, GooglePe/UPI)
  4. After completion of Payment forward the Payment Receipt
  5. Have full access to classes on topics of your choice

This is cheaper than most apps around and gives you practice in specific type of questions for the NEET-PG Exam! Why wait, buy it now!


1. Is this App really worth it?

Well you will never know unless you try it! What I can guarantee though is a complete crash course in topics of all subjects suitable for every medical student, whichever year you are in.

2. How is this App used?

The App has an easy layout with subject wise categories and topics within them. Pick one and start understanding your concepts in under 5 mins!

3. How is this better than my other revision styles?

This is quicker and explanations on the App come directly from me, Dr Abhishek Gupta. The app is also a visual aid for revision and will be quicker than going through a textbook for 30-40 mins to understand one topic. This App will also prepare you in a better manner for one liner and MCQ’s of exams. No review book needed!

4. What is the validity of this App?

This App is valid for one year and can be used on only one device.

5. How up to date is this App?

New videos and explanations are updated and added every few months and most references for questions come from past year question papers.

Still confused whether this app is worth it?

I can one up my offer with this next bit.

How about a 100% cash back guarantee? Use our App and if you don’t like it, I will personally refund the full amount that you paid, no questions asked!

30 Days

100% Cash Back

No questions asked

Go buy The Medico MasterClass App and ace your exams!

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