NEET PG 2022 Full Program


Complete Your NEET PG Syllabus

in 6 Months

Medicoapps Full Program is a Program

designed to help you complete your


in About 6 Months.


The Plan – How to Complete the Syllabus in 6 Months


NEET PG Syllabus is HUGE.

The SYLLABUS and amount of information that is to be remembered is HUGE .

As you have been preparing for the NEET PG, you have been burdened with Review Books,Coaching Institute Notes, PDFs and What not.

So much is the SHEER VOLUME of the MATERIAL available that as you keep preparing you feel CRUSHED by the Huge Syllabus not knowing what to complete and what to leave.


You NEVER Are Able to Even Complete Your Syllabus


To help you complete your syllabus , we have created a completely guided program to help you complete your entire syllabus in just about 6 Months.

Lets look at the components our the Full Program

  1. Short Conceptual Video Lectures for all 19 Subjects
  2. In App Visual Flash Card Based PDF Notes
  3. Qbank  (Including Latest Clinical + Image Based Questions)
  4. Previous Year Q Bank (NEET PG + AIIMS PG + DNB + PGI)
  5. Complete Test Series
  6. Personal Weekly Mentorship Sessions


Lets look at each of these part of the Full Program

Entire Syllabus completed

in Only 350 Hrs

of Video Content

When I talk to students , they constantly tell me that all the other app have almost 1200 Hrs of Video Lectures to complete the entire syllabus.

But this is not the worst part .

The Worst part is that most of these lectures are almost 40-70 minutes long.

So even after purchasing the premium subscription of these app , most of the students never actually see these videos and hence they struggle to complete their syllabus.

What we have done .

All our faculty use well designed slides along with a large number of flowcharts and diagram.

So most of the subjects are completed in just 1/3rd of the time taken as compared to other app.

And not only that, most of our  Video lectures are 4-12 minutes long, so that you actually watch these video (and not just buy them)

These videos are kept short and easy to  learn from so that Learning Becomes Fun and more doable rather than frustrating.

To Give an idea let me tell you about the exact duration of each of the subjects

  1. Anatomy completed in 38 hrs
  2. Biochemistry completed in 18 hrs
  3. Physiology completed in 15 hrs
  4. Pharmacology completed in 18 hrs
  5. Pathology completed in 32 hrs
  6. Forensic Medicine Completed in 8 hrs
  7. Pediatrics completed in 18 hrs
  8. ENT Completed in 7 Hrs
  9. Optha Completed in 11 hrs
  10. Obs Completed in 19 Hrs
  11. Gyne Completed in 18 Hrs
  12. Surgery Completed in 38 Hrs
  13. Psychiatry Completed in 6Hrs
  14. Radiology Completed in 17 hrs
  15. Microbiology completed in 13 hrs
  16. Anesthesia completed in 18 hrs
  17. Derma completed in 6 hrs
  18. PSM completed in 27 hrs
  19. Ortho completed in 12 hrs
  20. Medicine is Completed 45 Hrs

So essentially the entire PG Syllabus is completed in about 350hrs of video Lectures

Yes just 350 Hrs of Video Lectures

What does this mean ?

This means that if you just see about 2 Hrs of Video (Yes only 2 hrs of Video ) everyday, you will be able to complete the entire syllabus in about 180 days (or 6 Months)

If you compare it with other platforms then even if you watch 4 Hrs of video everyday it will take almost 300 days (or 1 Year) to just watch the video only once.

Revision is the Key – Visual Flash Cards

Now we all know revision is the key but revision from traditional notes / book is again not so exciting.

So we have completely revamped the notes for you. These notes are actually the Slides which we use to teach in the videos and they are so beautifully designed with a lot of images , that you are bound to remember them in the exam.

These Visual Flash Cards are Scientifically designed to Activate your visual memory which is far stronger than our normal memory.

Now Let us Explore the Q Bank

Our Q Bank has the following

  1. Past 10 Years Questions of NEET PG
  2. Past 10 Years Questions of AIIMS PG
  3. Past 6 Years Questions of PGI Chandigarh
  4. Past Year Question of other PG Exams
  5. Subject wise & Unit wise Q Bank of all subjects
  6. More than 3500 Latest Pattern Clinical + Image Based Question


Overall the most comprehensive resource of QBank with a great mix of previous year questions + new never seen questions + latest clinical and image based Questions.

Most Comprehensive Test Series

Our Test Series has the following

  1. Daily Subject wise Mini Test
  2. 2 Full Length Test Every Month
  3. 4 Image Based + Clinical Question Quiz Every Month
  4. 8 NEET PG Pattern Full Length Test
  5. 8 AIIMS PG Pattern Full Length Test
  6. 4 PGI Chandigarh Full Length Test
  7. 8 FMGE Full length Test
  8. 2100 Short Quiz on High Yield Topics

Almost 1400- 2000 Students take these tests and you get a good understanding of your preparation and your standing in the overall competition.

Personal Guidance – Weekly Mentorship Sessions

We understand that staying motivated during entire PG Preparation is so tough.

You may be working full time and preparing

You may have a lot of personal responsibility along with your PG preparation

You may be staying at home and preparing

You may have dropped several times but still not able to get your PG seat.

Your are working hard but your Grand Test Scores are not improving.

You may have self doubt creeping in crippling you in your preparation.


And that is the reason we have build in weekly mentorship sessions as a part of our Full Program.

All our Full Program students are given special links to join Weekly Zoom calls wherein they can directly interact with our faculty and previous year toppers so that you feel motivated and guided in you journey to get your dream PG Seat.

Remember, it is you who will crack the PG exams with your hard work and determination but our guidance and motivation will make it easier for you.

Full Program is a Guided Program

that has everything you need

(Video Lectures + Q Bank + Test Series + Notes )

Plus a lot of personal guidance

so that you focus on just working  hard

and we take care of everything else.

A Little about Medicoapps

Medicoapps  has more than 5,00,000 Students

from various countries as a part of our Medical Community.

Many of our Apps have more than

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I will take all the RISK

What if you do not like this Full Program ?

What if I do not benefit from the Full Program?

Is this Full Program Worth my Time and Money ??

Yes I understand that with already so much study material already on your head (Which you still have to finish or revise) is it worth spending the TIME or the MONEY

Now Only you and Only You can answer this question.


But From My End , I can Give You an Offer Which You Cannot Refuse

A 30 Days No Questions
100% Money Back Guarantee

What Does this mean?

This means that you have a 30 days RISK Free Trial Period and for any reason you do not like the Full Program we will refund 100% of your money back within 48 hrs of your refund request. Your DECISION to get a REFUND will be Final and there will be absolutely no questions asked from our end. And Yes its a 100% money back guarantee, which means no deduction and I will personally bear any internet transaction charges, any GST charges or even the payment gateway charges and you will get your entire money back in your account.

Infact not only our Full Program App but any Purchase from Medicoapps is PROTECTED by a 30 Day No questions asked 100% Money back guarantee.

So How to Get the Full Program

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  2. Fill In Your Name / Email ID / Phone Number
  3. Pay Using Credit Card / Debit Card / Netbanking / Mobile Wallets
  4. Forward the Payment Receipt to to get the activation code

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Now At this time you may have some questions , Let answer them for you

Q. Exam is Just a few Months away . Will it benefit me?

Ans- The Full Program is beneficial only if you have  6 Months . If you have less time in your hand , you can check out our Revision Program- Click Here to Know about our Revision Program

Q. How Long is the validity of full program?

Ans- The validity of the Full Program is 1 year.

Q. Will I get Printed Notes as a part of Full Program?

Ans- As a part of full program you get in app PDF (The PDF Notes which will open in our app). But if you need printed notes, you can order the printed version of notes separately. To Know about our Notes – Click Here

Q. What if I have accidentally uninstalled the app or Lost or broken my phone ?

Ans- I understand that such things happen. All you have to do is email me at and I will check from our End if the App is in use or not. Then we will send you a new activation code

Q. How Often is the App is updated ? How will my App get new questions.

Ans- Video Lectures are update every 3-6 months . Notes will be updated along with the video lectures. We keep updating the Q Bank on a monthly basis. Your App will automatically updates every month.

Q. Some Images are missing . Some Questions seem wrong . What should I do ?

Ans- Although we take great care to maintain high degree of accuracy in our Q Bank however sometimes there may be missing images or some questions may have inadequate explanation or there may be something wrong with the question itself. There is an option to mark those questions Flag error and our Support team will immediately get back to you with the correct answer via email. The Questions will be updated in the app with our regular monthly updates.

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