MCQ – 88031


A 42-year-old man has experienced increasing malaise for the past month. He is bothered by increasing swelling in the hands and legs. On physical examination, there is generalized edema. He is afebrile, and his blood pressure is 140/90 mm Hg. Urinalysis shows a pH of 6.5; specific gravity 1.017; 4+ proteinuria; and no blood, glucose, or ketones. Microscopic examination of the urine shows no casts or RBCs and 2 WBCs per high-power field. The 24-hour urine protein level is 4.2 g. A renal biopsy specimen is obtained, and immunofluorescence staining with antibody to the C3 component of complement produces the pattern shown in the figure. Which of the following underlying disease processes is most likely to be present? 


Chronic hepatitis B



Multiple myeloma


Recurrent urinary tract infection

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