Medicoapps Mentorship



There is no shortage of preparation material. There are multiple PG Preparation Book , Video Lecture Apps and Q Banks .


But What Really Happens

when you start your PG Preparation??


Every one goes through an emotional roller coaster ride.

Everyone goes through phases wherein you feel underconfident.

Everyone goes through a phase wherein you are not sure of the direction you are taking

Everyone goes through a phase wherein you need someone to hold your hand and guide in correct direction.


These are sessions taken by Our Faculty / Toppers to answer your questions personally over zoom (Face to Face)

These session conducted in small groups so that every students question and doubts are answered.

These sessions are conducted to recharge you and motivated you to keep pushing harder and harder till you achieve your dream PG seats.

But Since these session are conducted in small  groups, you need to register for each session individually.

Which means, Every week on Thursday you will get a notification to Register for the weeks weekend mentorship session.

Once you register then you will get a special Link for the Meeting with Time

(Also since only limited numbers of students can be accommodated each week, the invitation links will be given on First come First Serve Basis)

To Register for the Meeting Click the button Below


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