Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked

100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand that many a times students are not sure if our notes or apps will help them.

So we provide 30-60 Days No question Asked – 100% Money Back Guarantee.

This means that no matter whatever your reason may be you will get 100% of your money back in case you apply for the refund without any questions asked or any conditions being applied. Generally the Money gets back to your account within 7-30 days after applying for refund.

To Apply for Refund you have to simply email us at and we will initiate the refund process.

Now we provide this generous Money Back Guarantee [No other coaching institute / website / Apps provides such kind money back guarantee] so that you safe in purchase of our product and try it without having any kind of apprehension.

Most of our apps have Fully functional Trail Version on Playstore or Appstore for a limited time of 3-7 Days. Now these apps are fully functional and you can access the entire app for the duration of the trial period so that you know exactly what you will get after the purchase of the app. During the Trial period you should be able to judge if it will help you or not


After you request for Refund, our product team may contact you via phone to confirm the refund request and also ask for a feedback. Please ensure that you answer this call as this helps us to take feedback on our Apps to improve it further in future

However it is very important that we protect ourselves from fraudulent or malevolent refund requests.

So with regards to Our No Question Asked – 100% Money Back guarantee you have to bear a few thing in mind.


  • The Refund clause is Not applicable if you go for package deals or bulk discounts. This is purely because, the whole idea that you have bought package deals / discounts based on bulk purchase, then you must have been very satisfied and certain of the utility of the Apps / Products which made you negotiate for a package [or bundled] deal or bulk discount deal.


  • The Refund is Not applicable for any Physically shipped product. This is because our inability to handle physically returned products. So in case you are purchasing any Products which has  Printed Notes / Printed Flash Cards / Any other physically shipped products , please be doubly sure before purchasing.


  • The Refund of Product purchased via Amazon / Flipkart / Other E-Commerce platform are based on the terms and conditions valid on those platforms.


  • The Refund of Products purchased via 3rd Party Associates will be processed via those 3rd Party Associates and you have to co-ordinate with the 3rd Party Associates directly to process the refund requests


  • Refund of Any Changed Products


  • Products bought partially or fully using Medicoapps Wallet Amount


  • The Refund for SPECIAL Offers is valid only if it specifically mentions the Money Back guarantee for the special offer . In case of any doubt please ensure that you contact us via Whats App [+91 9494 73 8000] to validate the Money Back guarantee before purchase

However Under special circumstances [after approval from product team] , In-spite of the purchase falling in any of the above non refundable category, We may give a credit of the full or part of the amount to your Medicoapps Wallet , which can be used to purchase any other Medicoapps Product within  1 Year of the issue of the credit. In such a case the subsequent purchase using Medicoapps Wallet will not be covered under Money Back Guarantee.

Similarly under special circumstances you can opt to change your current product subscription to any other product subscription for the same or lesser value. In such a case the changed product will not be covered under Money Back guarantee.


This Above Terms of Refund

are Universally Applicable

to all Purchase made across any of our products

and subject to change without prior notice

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