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Test Series Form an

Important Part of

NEET PG Preparation.

Why ?

The Pattern of NEET PG has long shifted from Paper Pen Format to an Online Format.

So not only the type of questions asked has changed [For example almost 20% of Paper was Visual Based Questions] but also there are specific challenge associated with these online pattern of exams.

In a recent study it was shown that

  1. Students tends to spend 12% More time in reading and understanding a question on screen
  2. Students are less certain of the correct option when a question is shown on screen
  3. Students spend more time to mark an option in an online exam format
  4. Students change their option marked more frequently in the online format

Why So ?

This is simply because remember , for most part you are in habit of reading and understanding from Books [That is in paper format]. So your understanding is faster of text written on paper than on screen.

So How does Test Series Help ?

Test Series gives you the opportunity to solve question in an exact same interface as the NEET PG exams so that you are able to give your best performance in exam.


Main Features

NEET PG Online Test Series

75 Module Tests [Subjectwise Tests]

Each Subject is divided into several modules so that you can finish smaller portion of subject and continuously practice these test to not only rate your performance but also know the most important points which has been asked on that module in various PG Exams

20 Full Length All India Tests

There are 20 Full Length All India Tests based on NEET PG Pattern , AIIMS Pattern , UPSC – CMS pattern and FMGE Pattern.

Click Here to See the Complete Schedule 

of NEET PG Online Test Series


Balance of Previous Year Questions + New Questions

All the Tests are a unique balance of Previous Year Questions + New Questions or Never Seen Questions. Typically about 70% Paper is made form the previous year questions from Past 4 Years of various PG Entrance Exams while rest 30% are new questions made based on the past 1-2 year pattern analysis

More than 2100 Students

These tests are regularly given by more than 2100 Students and overall no of students enrolled in test series is 10,000.

Now I know some coaching institutes advertise that they have 1 Lakh or 40,000 Test Series user. All I can say is use your own judgement if those claims are true.

Out of the 2100 Students who regularly give our test almost 200 of get their PG selection, so if you are among the Top 200 Students in our Test Series you will easily get the PG seat of your choice

Exact Same Software as NEET PG

Yes. The Exact Same Software which is used by NEET PG so that you get the full simulation and feel of real NEET Exams.


Most of the other coaching institutes charge anywhere between 10,000-15,000 for the exam same test series. However Medicoapps is not a Coaching instititue . [Are You New to Medicoapps ?? To Know About Medicoapps Click Here] so my primary aim is to provide a HIGH QUALITY AFFORDABLE Test Series .


Cost of the Test Series


Additional Bonus

(First 300 students only)

Medicoapps 1800 Pages Notes [PDF Version]- Costs Rs 4999/-

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60 Days

Unconditional Guarantee

This means that for any reason whatsoever you do not like our Test Series then all you  have to do is write me a simple email and I will refund 100% of your money without any conditions. I will bear the Internet Transactions Costs/ Payment Gateway Charges / GST / Any other cost associated with the refund but you will get 100% of your money back in your account.

How to Purchase

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Step 4- Once Payment is completed you will recieve a confirmation email from Instamojo

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