NEET PG High Yield Topic – Testimonials and Frequently asked Questions

Will this App actually Help Me ??

I know this the most important questions but I believe that only you can answer this question.

All I can say is you can pay and download the App , use it for upto 2 Months and at anytime you feel that this app is not helpful just email me at and I will refund 100% Of your money without asking any questions.

So if it does not help you , you do not lose anything. But Consider this app really helping you to move from a perpetual planning stage to actual completing the most important NEET PG topics in a very fast and easy way.


Who will really benefit from this App?

This App is NOT MEANT for students who are still pursuing their MBBS and Still in 1st Year / 2nd Year or New Final Year.

But Any student who is doing their internship or working as Medical Officer and is really juggling between work and PG Preparation, this App could be a life saver.

Imagine utilizing those small snippets of 10-15 minutes you wish you could open your book and read but end up wasting. This app can help you learn the most important NEET PG topics in the easiest way possible utilizing those wasted 10-15 minutes.

How Should We Use this App ?

Well this app should be used in addition to whatever study material you are currently using.

So basically If you are in Hospital or PHC (Where you have only 5-10 minutes of uninterrupted time) you should exclusively use this app and never carry your books.

You can use this app not only to read and learn but to discuss with your colleagues. When you are at home , you should use this app for revision every time you take a break from your regular studies.


Will Solving Questions from this App be helpful ?

Yes Absolutely.

Solving Questions from App is like playing a video game.

If you are reading something from the book, it requires a minimum of 30-45 minutes of undivided attention and focus to cover 2-3 Pages. If you are disturbed on a regular interval (Like in a hospital or PHC , where in you have a patient visiting or some work being allotted at regular intervals) it becomes difficult and useless to read from the Books.

Whereas in this app even in those small snippets of time between two patients you can easily solve a few question and keep learning.

Hence this App is a MUST HAVE for any intern or a Medical Office preparing for their PG Exams.


Is there Image Based Questions or Topics in this App??

Yes Absolutely.

Yes There are about 60 -80 High Yield Image based Topics (Like ECG, Chest Xray, Abdominal Xray, CT Head, etc).

Each of the Questions will have complete explanations


Is the App Offline or Does it require INTERNET connection ??

90% of the Content on the App is Offline and you need not connect to internet to use it.

However There is a section for LATEST Updates , which has VIDEO TUTORIALS , Image Based Questions FOR VISUAL LEARNING which will require internet for attempting those topics


What is the VALIDITY of the App ? How Long Can I use the App After Download ?

The App has a LIFETIME Validity [For a LIMITED PERIOD Only ]but can be used only on ONE DEVICE.

If you want to use it on multiple device you have to buy a new licence for every new device.


What Happens if I lose my phone or decide to buy a new phone ?

Since you can use it on one device at a time, you can install the app in the new phone and the version on the old phone will stop working automatically and you can use it on new phone. In case you face any issue, you can email me at or call me directly at 94 94 08 8000.


How Often are new topics added ?

We typically add about 3-5 Topics on a Daily Basis.

The new topics and questions will be automatically updated on your app .


With a Playstore Rating of 4.6 out of 5 and More than 50,000 Students using this app,
NEET PG High Yield Topics App is One of the Most Downloaded App for NEET PG.
NEET PG High Yield Topics App

To See the Ratings / Reviews on Playstore Click Here 



Why Do so many students find

this NEET PG High yield App Useful ??

It Helps You Get Started in your PG Preparation

With So Much Syllabus and So So many resources any student feels paralyzed and overwhelmed. And Worst part they keep blaming themselves for it. This App will Help you get STARTED with your PG Preparation

All High Yield & Latest Trending Topics Under One Roof 

(No Need to Search for High Yield Topics and Theory / Questions on Them and waste time)

Best Way to Revise – Extremely Concise Content

(No There are not pages of Theory in this app. Each Topic has 3-5 well researched and organized paragraphs, followed by all the AUTHENTIC PG Exam Questions asked on that topic in past 4-5 Years. This makes it very effective too to Revise any topic in less than 10-15 minutes. YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT REVISION)






Still Have Questions ??

Email me at


Call me at 94 94 08 8000 (Anytime Between 11 – 5 )

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