Are NEET PG Online Test Series Useful ??

Are NEET PG Online Test Series Helpful ??

(Or is it Just a Waste of Time )

Something Really Confuses Me .

Every year when I announce TEST Series for NEET PG, I recieve huge amounts of calls Whats App messages / Emails asking about Schedule of Test Series , No of Students Participating , Discount and So So Many other questions.

2 Months into Test Series and usually the Number of students enrolled in our Test Series is More than 1200 to 1500 paying a FEES of Almost 3-5K.

But Can You Guess how many students actually are taking the Tests ??

Sometimes Less than 100 Students will appear for the Tests.

Based on my previous year data I know that Less than 10% of Students will actually even take 50% of the Tests.

So what am I missing ?

Why would motivated PG preparing Students Pay for the Test Series and but will not give them.


First Lets Look at Why Should Students Join Test Series ?


Okay, I know it may sound really weird but most students join NEET PG Online Test Series without even thinking how and why will it help them.

So Based on All what I have learned from so many successful students These are the MAIN Reasons why you should Join Test Series.

Remember the EXAMINATION Phobia 

Haven’t Each one of suffered from the same set of feeling that somehow we could not give our BEST in the exam. The questions were so DOABLE but still something went berserk.

For Some students this can be so extreme that it is termed as EXAMINATION PHOBIA.

But Believe it or not each one of us are VICTIM of these.

Now TEST Series Provide a CLOSE SIMULATION so that slowly as steadily as you keep appearing for these TIMED practice tests your brain gets adapted to the Additional STRESS Caused by the EXAM.

TEST Series is one of the EASIEST way to GET RID of EXAMINATION PHOBIA and optimize your EXAM Performance.


Remember We are Talking About COMPETITION

The Word COMPETITION Literally Means “As Compared to Others”

Joining the Test Series Help you get an ESTIMATE as to How your current PERFORMANCE is as compared to others.

This Not Only provides you with FIRE to Continue Studying but also FINE TUNE your preparation strategy based on your performance in the Test Series.

Remember NEET PG is an ONLINE Exam

Most People Forget the IMPLICATION of NEET PG being an Online Examination on a Sub conscious Level.

Remember We Use Online Medium for Facebook / Internet Browsing / and only to a little extent to Learn and Read.

Research clearly demonstrated that in an Online Exam it takes about 12 % Time more to read and understand Text. Also Online Test Enviroment is so different. In a Paper Pen Examination you can literally scan the Paper. You Speed also increases as you keep solving questions in the Paper Pen Examination. But in an Online Examination Your MIND literally resets (and Starts again) every time you press the next button and the new question loads.

So Especially for NEET PG Exams Practicing with a Test Series help you to get accustomed to Solve MCQs in the Online Test Environment.


Remember NEET PG  Exam Date

Yes NEET PG Has an Exam Date and So you  have to schedule you study in such a way that you should be able to finish your syllabus and do your revisions by that date.

A good Test Series gives you a Time Table which you should follow to get the your syllabus completed on Time.


So where do students Get it all WRONG ?

Most Students THINK Test Series is about Solving Questions.


Dead Wrong

Dead Dead Wrong

Dead Dead Dead Wrong


Test Series is not about Questions. Now I am not saying that Questions from the Test Series do not get asked in the actual examination. Infact this can a good additional benefit of the Test Series. Every year almost 30-35% questions are almost the same points as the questions in Our Test series. Why ? Because While making any Test we follow the exact same process as the Board Members do as they from the actual Tests.

But Remember Test series is all about the Schedule and The Discipline and the Practice and Less about the Actual Question in the Test Series.

So No Matter What Test Series you join Make Sure You Give the Tests on the Schedule to get any actual benefit from it.

Do let me know what do you feel about Joining Test Series for NEET PG.

You can write to me at

(I read every single email I receive and reply to every one of them)

P.S – In case you want to Know about our Test Series Click Here


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