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PGI Chandigarh Authentic Questions

(May 2014 to May 2018)


All Authentic PGI Chandigarh Questions

with complete answers and reference

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If You are planning to appear for PGI Chandigarh , then you seriously need to solve every question asked in PGI Chandigarh in previous 5 Years.

Not only this , most of the new pattern and latest pattern questions in NEET PG / DNB / FMGE are from past 3-4 years of PGI Papers.

So even if you are planning to appearing for NEET PG / DNB / FMGE solving PGI Previous year paper is of great importance.

Now the major problem is that solving these questions from Review Books is a tedious task.

Most student dont even dare to buy those PGI Review book just based on the size of the books.

And many who buy those books take a LIFETIME to complete even a few papers from them.


Why ?

Those book are filled with pages and pages of huge amount of information. Those are good information, but since you are already following your notes/ review books, the same information being present in the PGI Paper Review book add no benefit except keeping you away from finishing these very mission critical previous year PGI Chandigarh questions.


All this is about to change.

PGI Chandigarh Previous Year Question Bank

This Android Mobile App has the following Features

  1. Authentic PGI Chandigarh Paper [May 2014 to May 2018]
  2. Small precise explanations with references on controversial questions
  3. Image based questions included
  4. Completely Offline [Does not require internet to use]

Now if you see this app , the questions are not only arranged into year wise and subjectwise  [Which means PGI May 2018 Paper having all the questions of the subjects separated ] but also we have a separate Subjectwise Question bank [Which means that if you want to solve only Anatomy Questions of all PGI Papers you can easily do it]


Also standard features as the ability to bookmark important questions [So that you can review them in  last few days before exams] and a separate sections , so that you can again revise and learn them) make the app very useful.


Basically using this app you can solve past 5 Year PGI Chandigarh question in a matter of few days without getting stuck as you do so by using the standard PGI Chandigarh Review book.


Now I this Point You May Have a Few Questions. Let me answer them one by one

Does this app have only PGI Chandigarh Questions . Or does it cover other exam questions too?

This App has only PGI Chandigarh Questions from May 2014 to May 2018.

What is the Validity of the App

The App is will remain active for 1 Year from the date of purchase.

How often will this app be updated ?

This App is update twice a year typically within 15 days of the PGI Chandigarh exam with the latest PGI Chandigarh Exam Paper

Will this app help me ?

Definitely. This App is a more advanced way of solving previous year PGI Chandigarh exam questions so that you can solve more number of questions within short period of time .

Does this App offer a Trial Version?

Yes there is a Trial Version of Playstore wherein you can use this app for 3 days under Trial Version. To download the trial version goto Playstore and search for PGI Chandigarh Previous  year paper and You will find the App . Alternatively Click Here to See Our Store on Playstore with all our apps


Still have some question which I did not answer?

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PGI Chandigarh Previous Year Question Bank App

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