Complete Psychiatry Syllabus

in Just 6 Days

[2-3 Hrs / Day]

All Short Subjects are very important . Be it Skin , Anesthesia , Radiology , Psychiatry , ENT , Ortho , Optha or Forensic. [I know many of you do not like to consider forensic as Short Subject, but still :)]


These subjects are very critical for PG Entrance Exams for the Following reasons

  1. They Can be completed in very less time
  2. Questions are almost 90% solvable
  3. You have very less exposure to these subjects in MBBS so many question you wont be able to get correct if you have not gone through the concepts.

No having said that nobody want to spend a  lot of time on these subjects when there is Still Surgery and Medicine and PSM and Obs & Gyne and Anatomy and many other such subjects still lying half completed.

So what do we all do ?

We keep postponing these subjects till last months and in last months we just quickly glance through these subjects.

Result – Loosing easy 30 -35 Questions .


Now Just imagine that if you can cover these subjects within a week by giving only about 2-3 hrs a day. Maybe 1 hrs of watching video lectures and another 2 hrs of solving MCQs

Just Imagine that Not only you cover these subjects but also have been given a Full Set of FLASH cards which makes revision insanely easy .

Imagine that you can revise any of these Short Subject in just 1- 2 hrs .


Now Keeping this in Mind We have developed the First of the Series of Short Subject App

Psychiatry Mobile App

This Psychiatry App cover you entire psychiatry conceptually within 7 days by studying and once you are finished you can revise the Psychiatry in less than 1 Hrs.

The Psychiatry App has

  1. 42 Short Videos Lectures [5-8 Minutes each]
  2. Visual Flash Cards for Easy Revisions
  3. About 1100 Previous Year Questions from Psychiatry


Let me tell you a little about these features

Short Video Lectures

There are about 42 short video lectures most ranging about 5-8 minutes . These are not boring long drawn lectures , but best conceptual video with cutting edge animation technology. So that you can finish them in very little time and see them any number of times. Most of the other app are giving 30-60 minutes lectures, most of you will hardly see those videos and even if you finish the  video once you can never think of revising from these videos.

These are Short Crisp Trademark Medicoapps Style Videos which teach you the most complex medical concepts in about 5 minutes.


Visual Flash Cards

All the Flash Cards are there used in the lecture are there in PDF format in the app . Also if you want you can order a printed version of these Visual Flash Cards so that you can revise the entire Psychiatry in less than 1-2 Hrs.


More than 1100 Previous Year Questions

So no need to buy any review book. All the previous year question along with explanations are there and you can solve them easily and multiple times from your mobile.

These MCQs help you to revise and learn the concepts which you learned in video lectures


Basically you can learn the entire Psychiatry

conceptually in less than 1 week

even if you give

2-3 hrs per day to this app .


Most of the Other Psychiatry App are Priced around 3000 for 1 year access

But this app cost half the price of the existing Psychiatry App

Price of the App

Rs 1999/- For 1 Year Access

But Wait I have Something to really good to offer to you

For the First 1200 Students , I will send the Printed Version of the Flash Cards worth Rs 999/- For free


Still Confused ?

Whether this app is worth it or not .

Let me make an offer you cannot refuse.

Now I am so confident that you will like this app that I am going to make you an

30 Days No Questions Asked
100 % Money Back Guarantee

Which means if for Any reason you don’t like the app then you can just write in an email and we will Refund you 100% of your money within 24 Hrs. In Other Word After Paying for the App you can use it for 30 Days and see for yourself if the app will help you or not. Anytime after buying in the next 30 days you can get 100% Money back (Yes 100%, We will bear the Internet Transaction Cost, GST Tax and Payment Gateway Charges and everything else and you will get every single rupee back in your account)


At this Point You may

Have A few question

Let me try and answer them one by one.

Will this App actually Help Me ??

I know this the most important questions but I believe that only you can answer this question. All I can say is you can pay and download the App , use it for upto 1 Month and at anytime you feel that this app is not helpful just email me at and I will refund 100% Of your money without asking any questions. So if it does not help you , you do not lose anything. But Consider this app really helping you to complete and be confident of 1 out of the 19 subjects


Who will really benefit from this App?

This App is NOT MEANT for students who are still pursuing their MBBS. But Any student who is doing their internship or working as Medical Officer and is really juggling between work and PG Preparation, this App could be a life saver.


How Should We Use this App ?

There is a completion mode in the App. This Mode will help you in a guided way to complete the entire psychiatry in 6 days. Once you have completed you can keep solving MCQs from the app and revise from the Visual Flash Cards


Will Solving Questions from this App be helpful ?

Yes Absolutely. Solving Questions from App is like playing a video game. If you are reading something from the book, it requires a minimum of 30-45 minutes of undivided attention and focus to cover 2-3 Pages. If you are disturbed on a regular interval (Like in a hospital or PHC , where in you have a patient visiting or some work being allotted at regular intervals) it becomes difficult and useless to read from the Books. Whereas in this app even in those small snippets of time between two patients you can easily solve a few question and keep learning.Hence this App is a MUST HAVE for any intern or a Medical Office preparing for their PG Exams.


Is there Image Based Questions or Topics in this App??

Psychiatry as a subject has a few image based questions. So there are very few image based questions in this app


Is the App Offline or Does it require INTERNET connection ??

90% of the Content on the App is Offline and you need not connect to internet to use it. However you have to be connected to internet to watch the videos.


What is the VALIDITY of the App ? How Long Can I use the App After Download ?

The App has a 1 Year Validity and can be used only on ONE DEVICE.
If you want to use it on multiple device you have to buy a new licence for every new device.


How Often are new videos or questions added ?

The current videos are sufficient to solve almost all the questions from psychiatry. However we will be updating the Psychiatry Questions and Answer Discussion videos in next few months. New questions will be added after each major exams.


How to Get the

Psychiatry Mobile App

Step 1- Click on the “Click Here to Buy Now” Button at the Bottom of the Page

Step 2-
 Enter you Name / Email ID and Phone Number

Step 3-
 Make the Payment (CREDIT CARD / DEBIT CARD / NETBANKING/ PayTM, GooglePe/UPI)

Step 4-
 After completion of Payment forward the Payment Receipt


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