NEET PG Previous Year Authentic Question

Lost in NEET PG Preparation??

(About 20 Subjects and More Than 4500 Pages of Information to be memorized

it is all but natural to feel Lost )

PG Preparation is TOUGH

The Syllabus and the amount of information that need to be learned is HUGE.

As you have been preparing for your PG examination you have been bloated with notes reading material and what not. So much is the SHEER VOLUME OF MATERIAL available as you keep preparing you feels CRUSHED by the huge syllabus.


As you progress with your preparation there is a also a nagging thought at the back of your mind ,

whether you will be ever be able to REVISE and REMEMBER the important points during the actual examination.

Sometimes it is so easy to get LOST in the HUGE Sea of information that it become impossible to differentiate what is really important from Exam Point of View and what can be left for the time being.


Know What is important and What is not can be a really crucial. It is so crucial that even Rank 1 , Dr Shabnam speaks about it in her interview as the most important thing that  helped her achieve Rank 1.

Now we all know the questions asked in Previous Years are very crucial.

Even though not exact questions may be repeated but nevertheless question around those topics which are already asked is very very likely.

Also these previous year question provides the most valuable tool to guide not only about the topics which are crucial but also around what are the types of questions asked.

No matter what anybody says, following the Previous year question is the most crucial part of PG preparation exams.

However in case of DNB / NEET PG these previous year question becomes even more crucial.

Consider this This Year in December 2017

There were Total of 18 Papers (9 Days X 2 Session each day) of 300 Questions Each.

This means a total of about 6000 question were asked.

Will it surprise you that about 25-40 Question were repeated among session.

And If I see from the actual NBE Question Bank (NBE Conducts both DNB and NEET PG) there were over 50-80 Question repeats.

Also even among the rest of the question about 60-75 % was from the topics on which question were already asked in earlier NBE exams.

Since This Year since it was Single Paper Single Session exam, I expected the number of repeats to be less.

I was surprised as I collated the paper , that even in this single Paper Single Session Exams about 35% of paper was the exact same questions.

Its kind of strange considering if anyone could have got just

those repeated questions correct would have easily qualified NEET PG this year.


Now I know as a strategy for preparation this may look too simple and many people will tell you that number of repeats has drastically reduced in past few years but just talk to the people who have actually cracked PG entrance exams and you will know the truth behind the claims

Understand this the probability of getting the EXACT SAME Question is VERY LOW but the probability of getting questions on SAME CONCEPT / SAME TOPIC using the SAME FACTS is very VERY HIGH.

Okay I know this was the exact same thing Dr Shabnam , Rank 1 NEET PG was saying in the above video (If you have still not seen it please see the video)


Previous year questions guide you in your PG Preparation in terms of knowing

– What topics are important

– What kind of questions are asked

– What is the latest pattern of exams

With DNB / NEET PG even the probability of getting questions repeated is also high.

Wonder Why They make you sign NDA 🙂

A Good compilation of Authentic NEET PG / DNB Questions will give you advantage of at least 50-80 Questions.

To Give you this UNFAIR ADVANTAGE of 50-80 Questions , I have compiled the entire past 4 Years Question on various Topics , Created an App Which Will make it much easier for you to Learn and revise the Entire Thing very Easily

Anyone can do it easily.

It is a extremely precise collation of Authentic NEET PG / DNB Previous year question

No B*LL  SH*T  only previous year question Compiled into One liners.

It’s a  MUST HAVE for any PG Aspirant

Most of these points you already know but sometimes because of inadequate Last minute revision you willtend to forget and confuse between the options in DNB Exams

This will easily cost you 30-50 vital questions

(and eventually decide you selection and rank).

The Main Features of App is

  1. Authentic Questions converted into one liners
  2. Regularly Updated with latest pattern of questions
  3. No Need of Internet to use the App


Why is this App better than Notes?


You already have so many notes from so many sources and burdened by them.

These points in form of an app will give you the convenience to keep learning anywhere anytime

(You cannot carry your notes everywhere and all the time). This becomes really important if you are an Intern or a Junior Resident or even working as Medical officer at some PHC.

Moreover this app has built in intelligence to keep a track of your learning and so the points that you forget will typically get repeated more frequently.

This app can form one of the BEST TOOL FOR REVISION for you.

Cost of the App – 1999/- for 1 Year

Special Early Bird Discount Offer

Special Offer 1 – LIFETIME Access

For a Limited Time The One Liner App will have LIFETIME Validity. This means that automatically all the latest question from the Latest Exams will be updated in Your App

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The Complete ECG Video Lectures to complete the Entire Set of ECG in Less than 3 Hrs. The ECG Video Lectures has been made especially with the backdrop of Authentic NEET PG Questions and ensures that you not only understand the important concepts of ECG but also are able to solve all the questions asked in NEET PG Exams

Special Offer  3- Most Common PDF

I have compiled a Special PDF which has the compilation of more than 500 “Most Common “Type  Questions asked in NEET PG / DNB Exams. You will receive the PDF Copy for FREE

Special Offer 4 – Authentic NEET PG 2018 (Jan) Paper

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Not to mention I will bear any cost (Including GST , Internet Transaction Costs , Refund cost )

Do you know Any other Coaching Institute or Any other Online Website

that can give you this kind of assurance ??

Why I do it ? Isn’t it really mad of me to give such an assurance?

Well I started Medicoapps when I was a student. And I want Medicoapps only to be for Students. If it is not helping someone then their money has to be returned back. This single decision help me close to students (Any away from being yet another PG Preparation coaching institute or Website). Medioapps may not be the best , But my Students TRUST me and LOVE me.

How To Buy ?

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