Mini Course – Renal Physiology


Mini Course – Renal Physiology

Complete Entire Renal Physiology

in Just 1 Hours

About This Course

This is an extremely conceptual course on Renal Physiology covering all the critical concepts important for both students appearing for University Exams as well as PG Entrance Exams.

This Mini course will help you to establish basic concepts in Renal Physiology so that you can easily understand the Renal Pathology and the Renal System in Internal Medicine.

This Mini Course Consists of 6 Session (Each Less than 6-15minutes)

The Best Part, These Video Lectures are so short and precise that you can revise them any number of time even in last few days before exam.

Course Structure – Renal Physiology

  1. Glomerular Filtration Rate- 15 Minutes
  2. Proximal Convoluted Tubule – 6 Minutes
  3. Loop of Henle – 8 Minutes
  4. Distal Convoluted Tubule -9 Minutes
  5. Collecting Duct & Micturating Reflex – 16 Minutes
  6. Acid Base Balance – 16  Minutes

How to Get Access to

Renal Physiology Mini-course

Option 1 –  Google Playstore

If You Download the Physiology App from Google Playstore , you will not only get access to this mini course but all our Physiology Lectures , completely FREE for 3 days.

The Physiology App has the entire Physiology covered in just around 15 Hrs with Previous 5 Year Q Bank and Visual Flash Cards for Revision.

Click Here to Download the

Physiology App from Google Playstore

Option 2 – Via Email

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Extra Bonus

Every Students who will enroll today , will be send not only the Video Lectures but if you actually see these videos , I will send you the PDF Version of the Flash Card of these video lectures . So that you do not even have to worry of even making notes.

Still Waiting ??

Well Every Minicourse is Kept in the FREE Section of Just 1-2 Weeks and then moved to our premium section. You will really not want to miss on this Mini Course.



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