BDS Second Year Full Program

Have You ever checked the Stats??

There are About 300+ Dental Colleges College and each has about an average of 50-100 Students. This means that Almost 30,000 Dental Graduates will pass out every year.

So Finally you are into Second Year of BDS.

So Finally you were able to pass Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry & Dental anatomy & Histology.

So Finally You deserve to CELEBRATE this 2nd Year of BDS where you will be starting with your preclinical subjects.

Without Spoiling your relaxed moments, I have a simple question from you.

Is it done yet?? NOǃǃǃǃǃǃǃ

After few days you start with your 2nd year you ll start feeling that same anxiety & stress and it will be more as you ll be starting with conservative & prostho pre clinical as well.

Along with that you need to study General pathology, Microbiology, Dental materials & how can we forget Pharma.

Again you ll be wondering how to read ??? What to read???? & When to read???

We cannot deny the fact that few faculties are good enough and take some extra efforts to make us learn and write the lectures (topics) but on the contrary few faculties have very fast speed of telling the concepts & believe me they don’t even give you time to write down those important points from presentations.

Imagine if you can learn these important high yield topics from specialist faculty as per your time along with sorted notes and presentations

The SECOND Year of BDS is the Make or Break Year.

I remember my days in

Second year of BDS.

While there was a lot more time but also the syllabus of Second Year with Path, Pharma and Micro , Dental materials was like a bottomless pit.

No matter how many hours I did put in studying these subjects but everything was so damn overwhelming.

It was as if I was married to KDT and Robbins. Every day I had them on my bed beside me while I was snoring completely overwhelmed by them.

Are you feeling the same ??

Essentially this struggle wherein you have time but you really dont know what to study .

Essentially the struggle to know what you should remember and what you can afford to ignore.

Essentially to struggle to balance between Standard Text Books and the temptation to go for review books.

Essentially the struggle to Balance Building of Concepts and preparing for PG

Most of you will keep struggling 

but will never do anything about it.

Can Some resource be there which gets automatically update every year so that you do not have to refer any other place as you know that every years trends as new questions will be captured by this resource.

And Importantly can there be something which can help you steer easily towards your preparation even if you invest some 15-30 Minutes daily

Introducing to You

BDS Express by Medicoapps 2nd Year BDS App

This App is specifically crafted keeping in mind students studying in their 2nd BDS. Let me take you through this app features one by one so that you can really understand how this app will help you.

Subject Wise – Unit Wise

High Yield Topic

This App has a Strong Question bank based on Authentic Exam questions.

These questions are arranged in Subjectwise and Chapterwise manner.

Each questions has been supplemented with explanations and additional important facts.


You understand the importance of starting EARLY.

You understand the importance of FOCUSED Preparation.

And Today you have an Access to Resource that can help you achieve both.

Don’t Miss this Chance…..Guess why ?

Because if any student have this then he will not waste his time guessing what to study , how to study.

This app will already guide him on what to study and how to study.

And if spares just 1-2 Hrs daily , he will get insanely ahead of the competition.

The Price of the App is

Only 9999/-

For 1 Year Access


₹ 9999

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How to Buy this App

Step 1- Click on the Buy Now Button [See below]

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Step 4- Forward the Payment Reciept to

It usually takes about 12-24 Hrs for me to send you the Activation Codes for this App.


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I know What is the most important question in your mind at this Point.

Will this App really Help me ??

To be very true the only person in this world who can answer this question is you.

But HERE is a SPECIAL OFFER from me.


I am offering you a

30 Days

No Question asked

100% Money Back Guarantee.

This Essentially means that if for any reason you do not like this app , all you have to do  is write me a simple email and I will refund 100% of your money without asking any question.

Yes 100% of Money . I will bear the Transaction cost / Internet handling Charges / GST Charges / Refund charges . And You will get your 100% money back.

Do you have any questions

About this App ??

Don’t Wait . Get in Touch with me .

You can call me at 94 94 08 8000 [Only between 10 – 5 PM] or send me a whats message on +91 94 94 08 8000 or even email me at

Don’t wait . You may decide to invest in this app or not but if you have any query maybe you talking to me will help you.

Be Awesome Stay Awesome

Dr Abhishek Gupta

Co Founder – Medicoapps


₹ 9999

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