Short Quiz

” What You do in these

Last Few Days Before NEET PG

Matters a LOT “

Why Reading Last Minute Revision Book

is only partially helpful ?

Now The Last Minute Revision book are very good compilation of the most important points from the High Yield Topics and Latest Trending Topics which has very high probability of being asked in the NEET PG.

But they themselves do not do any thing to improve your memory or recall.

You still have to Learn and Remember those points.

The Solution Lies in Solving as many MCQs as possible 

Lets Face it


way to REVISE before Exams

(especially the previous year MCQs)

How  ??? 

Solving MCQs is ACTIVE Revision

Many students confuse Revision with re-reading or Active Revision with Passive Re-reading. Let me explain you. When you re-read any text you mere refresh it (without actually improving your memory on the points).

Solving MCQ is kind of active revision. Whenever you see a question, your brain is forced to fetch the relevant information. Hence you know exactly if you remember the information or not. Also if you do not know the information as you see the explanation, the mere act of trying to fetch the information creates a space for information and when you supply the information it is stored very effectively.

Solving MCQ Keep you

close to the Examination Trends.

Understand this the probability of getting the EXACT SAME Question is VERY LOW but the probability of getting questions on SAME CONCEPT / SAME TOPIC using the SAME FACTS is very VERY HIGH.

For any topic there could be infinite number of question can be made. Even there could be infinite topics from which questions can be made. But have you wondered why questions are repeated from the same set of topics. Even from a particular topic the same points are often repeated, Why ?

Because PG Entrance exam is not a memory Olympiad.

It is a test to check if you do remember important clinical &related facts

and are able to use these facts to solve clinical cases.

Previous year questions guide you in your PG Preparation in terms of knowing

  • What topics are important
  • What kind of questions are asked
  • What is the latest pattern of exams

Solving MCQ is not time intensive.

And most importantly solving MCQ does not require a lot of time. Infact is the one of the fastest way to revise . You can easily solve more than 200 MCQs in less than an hour in a revision mode.

Best Part.

It is so satisfying to solve MCQs.

Every MCQ you solve gives you a satisfaction of learning an important point in the easiest possible way [and for the longest possible time]

The Challenge in Solving MCQs 

(Especially in these Last Few days before NEET PG )

Now there is a MAD Number of Review Books / Mobile App / MCQ Resources out there that it is nearly impossible to solve MCQs from them without being lost.

In Most of these resources, the MCQs are not structured in Topic wise manner. Hence when you solve them it is not very effective.

And most of these MCQs banks have questions from all the exams so you are not particularly focused on the particular trends in NEET PG exam.

Simply PUT ,

most of these current  MCQ Resources

are NOT prepared  for LAST minute revision.

Medicoapps Short Quiz Revision App

Now Based on problem faced by students in last minute revision we have created this unique Short Quiz App

This Short Quiz App

  • Based on Past 5 Year NBE Databank  [NEET PG / DNB / FMGE Questions]
  • More than 1500 Short Quiz based on High Yield Topics
  • Each Short Quiz has 4-20 Questions only on that particular topic

Click Here to see the List of Quiz [Subject-wise]

Now Imagine using this app. You open any subject . Choose the Quiz . Attempt the questions on that topic [4-20 Questions] and because all the questions are on the same topic by end of 3-5 minutes you not only know exactly what questions are asked on that topic but also remember them well.

Voila !

The Best Revision Possible in Last Few days before NEET PG.

But here is where things gets really interesting.

  • Whatever Quiz you complete turns green [So that you do not have to remember which quiz you have completed and which all topics are still left]
  • All questions you get incorrect are automatically shifted to a SPECIAL Section so that you can revise these specific questions again and again
  • You can Bookmark Specific Questions which you may like to revise just 2-3 days before exams and these questions will be moved to your BOOKMARK Section.


You will see the True power of this app within 2-3 Days of using this app.

Soon after using this App for even 1-2 days you will see that you are feeling much more confident to face the NEET PG exam.

You will love this app so much that you will start solving these short quizzes multiple times.

And What Would you pay to JUST increase your confidence for NEET PG ??

Well This could be easily the Cost of preparing for one entire year

and run into

2,00,000 to 3,00,000 lacs

But Not this App.

This App is for 1999/- Only

However I know that NEET PG is just around the corner.

So here are some special Offers

Special Early Bird Discount Offer

Special Offer 1 – LIFETIME Access

For a Limited Time The Short Quiz App will have LIFETIME Validity. The app will not be updated but you can keep using the app till the time you uninstall it for ever.

Special Offer 2 – ECG Video Lectures

The Complete ECG Video Lectures to complete the Entire Set of ECG in Less than 3 Hrs. The ECG Video Lectures has been made especially with the backdrop of Authentic NEET PG Questions and ensures that you not only understand the important concepts of ECG but also are able to solve all the questions asked in NEET PG Exams

Special Offer  3- Most Common PDF

I have compiled a Special PDF which has the compilation of more than 500 “Most Common “Type  Questions asked in NEET PG / DNB Exams. You will receive the PDF Copy for FREE

Special Offer 4 – Authentic NEET PG 2018 (Jan) Paper

Yes memory based NEET PG 2018 (Jan ) Paper – 300 Questions with complete explanation. The PDF itself sells for Rs 199/-

Special Offer 5– Last Minute Revision Notes of High Yield Topics app

I have compiled a Short Synopsis for each of the 1500 Quiz which you can use for Last Minute Revision for any subject / Topic which you have not completed. This PDF will save you lot of time because you will not have to note down the points from the Quiz for revision. You can Simply take a Printout of the PDF or study from the PDF itself.

Additional Hidden Discount

Additional Surprise Discount

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I Stand By You.

I understand that you have your own doubts

whether this Short Quiz Revision App will help you or not.

I am going to Give you an


7 Days

No Question Asked

100% Money Back Guarantee

This Means that for any reason (Yes Any Reason) you feel that this MCQ App is not helping you anytime within 60 Days (After Purchasing the App) I will refund 100% of your money.

Yes You Heard it Right – 100 % of Money
Yes You Heard it Right – No Questions asked
Yes You Heard it Right – Any time within 7 days of Purchase
Not to mention I will bear any cost (Including GST , Internet Transaction Costs , Refund cost )

Do you know Any other Coaching Institute or Any other Online Website

that can give you this kind of assurance ??

Why I do it ? Isn’t it really mad of me to give such an assurance?

Well I started Medicoapps when I was a student. And I want Medicoapps only to be for Students. If it is not helping someone then their money has to be returned back. This single decision help me close to students (Any away from being yet another PG Preparation coaching institute or Website). Medioapps may not be the best , But my Students TRUST me and LOVE me.


How To Buy ?

Step 1 – Click on Pay Now Button

Step 2 – Enter Your Details

Step 3 – Pay using CREDIT Card / Debit Card / Netbanking / UPI

Step 5- Forward the Payment Confirmation received on your email to

(It Usually take less than 24 Hrs to Process the payment and send you the all the details.

All the relevant details will be emailed to you on your email id)

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