Hey There Medicoapps Freedom Fighter !!!

Medicoapps in not a COACHING Institute .

Medicoapps is not a Website.

Medicoapps is not some Mobile App on Google Playstore.

Medicoapps is a Mission.

One Diwali Night that Changed Everything ……………

I started Medicoapps in Jan 2011 to MAKE MONEY [ šŸ˜‰ Lots of Money]

The Idea was very simple.

Practicing MCQs and having a Topicwise approach was very very important qualify PG exams.

However solving MCQs from books was a tedious task. So If I could create an MCQ App by which students can solve questions easily , I could make money by Google Ads [And Of course sell these apps and Make Loads of Money šŸ˜ˆ ]Ā  –


So I contacted some programmer, got together some data entry operators , sorted questions from available question banks and boom, I created the app. As far as I can rec all, it was the First few Medical PG Entrance App. Everyone Loved it.

But I was not making much money.

Infact on many months I have to end up spending money from my own earnings [This is true even now]. I started this whole Medicoapps thing JUST to make MONEY but I was losing Money month on month.

Enough is Enough.

So In October of 2013 I decided not to renew my hosting / other licenses required and decided to close down Medicoapps. After cancelling all my licences I went to my hometown.

And I completely Forgot about it.

Medicoapps Meant Nothing to me [ It was nothing more than a business in which I lost money]


Then One Night Changed everything.

Just around Diwali [I was still in my hometown], I got a call from one of the students. He was desperate.

He called and said that since 2 days HIS MEDICOAPPS was not working.

I told him that I had closed down medicoapps due to financial issues.

And then he was like almost in tears. What he said I do not remember but he said that if there was any way he can get HIS MEDICOAPPS back. It was as if His entire preparation [And his Life] depended on it.


Obviously I could not have started Medicoapps Back just for one student, but this conversation kept on haunting me for the rest of my stay at my hometown.


I never thought of Medicoapps more than a BUSINESS VENTURE but for 1 person, it was his LIFE. This thought simply Changed something in me FOREVER.

Once I returned back and started my Whats App [Yes Jio had not started and Airtel 3G costed huge that time], I was astonished at the number of Whats App messages I got to restart Medicoapps.


And Then, I decided to restart Medicoapps.

Not For Money

But To Really Help Students.


Medicoapps ReLoaded –

Promise to Myself.

This time it was different. The Goal was simply to reach and benefit as many students as possible.

I immediately removed all ads and Changed all my Apps from FREE to PAID. Do you wonder Why ??

This was because , it was impossible to keep creating and updating Medicoapps with FREE models. And besides, If there was 1 STUDENT who loved and was ready to pay for it, there will be many students who will love the work I do and will be ready to share the costs.

But There was an very Important Challenge.

I did not wanted Medicoapps to Become a COACHING Institute

I did not wanted Medicoapps to Become a Website

I did not wanted Medicoapps to Become an App on Playstore.

I wanted Medicoapps to be Mission.

With this mission I started thinking what is the best way/ways to help my students.

What I have seen over the years how students get stuck and are not able to start their PG preparation.

  • Which Guide Books to Follow ?
  • WhichĀ  Reference Banks to Follow ?
  • How will I complete such huge syllabus ?
  • How will I remember so much ?
  • Which Coaching Institutes to Join ?
  • And Many More

So Medicoapps will Help you to start your PG Preparation by helping you start.

How ?

Everything I do at medicoapps is designed to make the topics easier and can be completed in not more than 10-15 minutes along with conceptual clarity

Starting slowly , you will develop liking and confidence towards subjects and Then SKY is theĀ  limit for you.

So before You Join ANY COACHING Institute , Join our FREE Updates [Bottom of the Page]

So Before You buy any guide / notes / apps, Join our FREE Updates.

It will not only help you get started but also all along the way develop a liking for the subjects and decide for yourself what are the best notes / apps / coaching institute best for you.

And for Most Part Getting Updates is Completely FREE.



3 Core PrincipleĀ 

95% Of Medicoapps Content will always be FREE.

Yes , 95% of All content of Medicoapps will not only be FREE but also actively promoted within students.

  • You can find all the Videos Created on Youtube.
  • You can Find All the PDF created on Facebook & Website
  • All Modules + Quiz Hosted on Website

All You have to is connect with us [See the bottom of the page] and you can keep getting really awesome updates for FREE for LIFE.

Yes there will be Paid Products / Apps. but they will be just a small part of Medicoapps


Students At the CENTER of Our UNIVERSE.

For Medicoapps Students will be the Center of Everything.

So Everything Like 60 Days No Question Asked 100 % money back guarantee to keep asking students for feedback on how we can improve or how IĀ  can help to prepare better to talking to students for hours on how to prepare, Everything is because our students want it that way.

I still read all my emails and reply almost all of them. I still reply to as many Whats app messages I can . I cannot take direct call but still if any student requests to talk to me [Whether they have bought anything from us or not], I still give them time and talk to them.

So Students are the Center of our Universe.

Powered by Students

Medicoapps will always be powered by students. I know its a little pesky to keep asking you to share but there is no other way to take the benefits of Medicoapps to As many students as possible.

So Always I will keep asking to Share / LikeĀ  / Comment / Refer Your Friends.

This is the only way for me to know if I am creating something worthwhile and keep taking the benefits of Medicoapps to As many students as possible.


Why Have I written Such a BIG Story before letting you know How to Connect with Me ??

Because I want to you really know What medicoapps is all about , to truly guide it in the correct direction [In case I miss ].


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With Just 1-2 Minutes a Day you can Help Spread Medicoapps.

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