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Confirmed causes of recurrent abortion

Confirmed causes of recurrent abortion

Recurrent abortion: RPL- (recurrent pregnancy loss): – It is defined as a sequence of three or more consecutive spontaneous abortions before 20 weeks. American society for reproductive medicine (2013) defines RPL as 2 or more failed pregnancies confirmed by USG or histologically.

• Uterine causes account for 10-50 %.

• M/c cause of RPL is cervical incompetence followed by uterine malformations.

• Uterine causes lead to 2nd trimester abortions/

• Most common uterine cause is cervical incompetence >uterine malformation.

1.Uterine causes:

Congenital causes-

o Uterine malformations

o Septate uterus

Acquired causes-

o Cervical incompetence

o Fibroid

o Endometrial polyp


3.Chromosomal Abnormality-Balanced translocation

4. Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome-5-15%

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