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Image Based Question-66240


Identify the condition as shown in a foetus in the picture below?

A. Imperforate anus.

B. Abnormalities of the cervical spine.

C. Hydrocephalus.

D. None.


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Image Based Question-66241


What is the site for putting needle in chest in a patient with the condition as represented in the x-ray picture below ?

A. 2nd intercostal space, midclavicular line.

B. 7th intercostal space, midaxillary line.

C. 5th intercostal space, midclavicular line.

D. 5th intercostal space, just lateral to vertebral column.


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Image Based Question-66242


Emergency management for the condition shown in the picture below is ?

A. Thoracotomy.

B. Insertion of a chest tube.

C. Needle decompression.

D. Tracheostomy.


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Image Based Question-66243


The condition shown in the x-ray below due to fracture rib is treated by ?

A. Strapping.

B. Tube drainage.


D. Internal fixation with open reduction.


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Image Based Question-66251


Identify the hematological disorder shown in photograph ?

A. Iron deficiency anemia.

B. Megaloblastic anemia.

C. Thalassemia.

D. Lead poisoning.


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Image Based Question-65181


Identify the structure marked as “C” in the X-ray below?

A. Carina.

B. Aortic Knob.

C. Trachea.

D. Hilum.


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Image Based Question-65182


The watershed line in an organ marked by a “red box” in the picture below is?

A. Hilton’s line.

B. Pectinate line.

C. Mucocutaneous junction.

D. None.


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Image Based Question-71375


In which condition of the lung,the following type of X ray picture is seen?

A. Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

B. Interstitial Lung Disease.

C. Bronchial Carcinoma.

D. Pulmonary metastases.


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Image Based Question-71376


From the following given option,which condition is not a contraindication for this radiological procedure?

A. Infertility.

B. Recent uterine or tubal surgery.

C. Pregnancy.

D. Acute pelvic Infection.


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Image Based Question-71377


The following type of X ray picture is seen in which condition?

A. Necrotising enterocolitis.

B. Bowel obstruction with secondary perforation.

C. Peptic Ulcer Disease.

D. All of the above.


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