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Image Based Question-67080


The procedure as shown in the picture below from a case of H.pylori related duodenal ulcer is most likely to reveal ?

A. Antral predominant gastritis.

B. Multifocal atrophic gastritis.

C. Acute erosive gastritis.

D. Gastric atrophy.


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Image Based Question-65620


The test shown in the photograph below is useful for detection of which among the following?

A. Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

B. Brucella melitensis.

C. Leptospira interrogans.

D. pallidum.


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Image Based Question-65621


The vector shown in the photograph below can transmit all of the following except?

A. Borrelia recurrentis.

B. Borrelia duttoni.

C. Borrelia hermsii.

D. Borrelia parkeri.


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Image Based Question-65622


Which among the following is the culture media of micro-organism shown in the photograph below?

A. Korthof.

B. Perkin.

C. Tinsdale.

D. Bakers.


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Image Based Question-65623


Which among the following is the reservoir of the micro-organism shown in the photomicrograph below?

A. Cat.

B. Dog.

C. Rat.

D. Monkey.


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Image Based Question-65624


The complex formed by the micro-organism as shown in the photomicrograph below causes?

A. Causes disease in rodents which is usually fatal.

B. Mostly affects the kidney and liver.

C. Causes rise in 1gM antibodies which disppears after the first week of the disease.

D. All of the above.


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Image Based Question-65625


The test shown in the picture below is based on which hypersensitivity?

A. Type 1.

B. Type 2.

C. Type 3.

D. Type 4.


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Image Based Question-65626


The following statement stands right for the test as shown in the picture below?

A. Test is read before 48 hrs.

B. 6-9 mm induration shows maximum chances of developing TB.

C. A positive test does not indicate that the person is suffering from disease..

D. New cases are more likely to occur in tuberculin negative person than those who already are tuberculin reactors.


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Image Based Question-58498


Identify the isomerism shown in the diagram ?

A. Structural Isomerism

B. Stereoisomerism

C. Opical Isomerism

D. Anomerism


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Image Based Question-71574



A 40 year old male presented with the following lesions.Immunofluorescence shows IgG in intercellular space.What can be the most probable diagnosis?

A. Bullous Pemphigoid

B. Pemphigus Vulgaris

C. Dermatitis Herpetiformis

D. Epidermolysis Bullosa


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