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Image Based Question-71378


What does the red arrow indicate in this ERCP image?

A. Main Pancreatic Duct.

B. Cystic Duct.

C. Common Hepatic Duct.

D. Bile Duct.


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Image Based Question-71417


A patient presented with clear watery discharge from the nose,especially on bending the face forward and straining after suffering from a head injury.
CT scan shows the following picture.Regarding this condition,from the following given options,which statement is false?

A. Sample of nasal discharge on a filter paper exhibits a’ halo sign’.

B. Concentrations of glucose & protein are higher in this nasal secretion fluid.

C. Surgery needs to be done in every case.

D. Beta-transferrin is the preferred biochemical marker.


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Image Based Question-67561


Identify the surgical instrument shown in the picture below ?

A. Babcock forceps.

B. Kelly forceps.

C. Mosquito forceps.

D. Right angle forceps.


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Image Based Question-67562


Identify the surgical instrument shown in the picture below ?

A. Kocher forceps.

B. Babcock forceps.

C. Kelly forceps.

D. Adsons forceps.


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Image Based Question-67564


Identify the surgical suction shown in the picture below ?

A. Yankauer suction.

B. Poole Suction.

C. Willey suction.

D. None of the above.


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Image Based Question-67565


Identify the surgical instrument shown in the picture below ?

A. Deaver retractor.

B. Langenbeck retractor.

C. Army-Navy retractor.

D. Richardson retractor.


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Image Based Question-65498


Drug of choice for Case of Poisoning of Substance shown in Photograph is?

A. Physostigmine.

B. Flumazenil.

C. Protamine sulphate.

D. N-acetyl cysteine.


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Image Based Question-65502


Which of the following drug is contraindicated in a patient suffering from a disorder as shown in the picture below?

A. Succinylcholine.

B. Tubocurare.

C. Pyridostigmine.

D. Halothane.


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Image Based Question-65503


The drug of choice for Poisoning due to Substance shown in the Photograph is?

A. Prussian blue.

B. Amyl nitrite.

C. Alkaline diuresis with Sodium bicarbonate.

D. Dimercaprol.


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Image Based Question-65504


Treatment of choice for toxicity of element shown in photograph is ?

A. Alkaline diuresis.

B. High dose oxygen.

C. Hemodialysis.

D. Beta blockers.


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