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Image Based Question-72013


This 60-year-old man underwent pelvic surgery 6 days ago. He complained of a painful right calf.What can be the most possible diagnosis?

A. Lymphedema

B. Deep Vein Thrombosis

C. Superficial thrombophlebitis

D. Cellulitis


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Image Based Question-72015


An 11 year old girl presented with constipation and pain while defeacation.
Examination of the Anus gives the following picture.This condition is best diagnosed by:

A. Anoscopy

B. History and superficial clinical examination

C. PR examination



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Image Based Question-65505


The drug of choice for poisoning due to substance shown in Photograph is ?

A. Pyridoxine.

B. N-acetylcysteine.

C. Prazosin.

D. Naloxone.


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Image Based Question-65506


The drug shown in the picture below is life saving in cases of poisoning due to ?

A. Opioids.

B. Heparin.

C. Lithium.

D. Mercury.


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Image Based Question-65507


A 27 year old sexually active male develops a vesicobullous lesion on the glans soon after taking the tablet which is shown in the picture below.
The lesion healed with hyper pigmentation. The most likely diagnosis is ?

A. Bechet’s syndrome.

B. Herpes genitalis.

C. Fixed drug eruption.

D. Pemphigus vulgaris.


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Image Based Question-65508


Drug of choice in cases of overdose of drug shown in the picture below is?

A. N-acetyl cysteine.

B. Protamine.


D. Magnesium hydroxide gel.


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Image Based Question-65509


A two year old boy presents with fever for 3 days which responded to administration of the drug shown below.
Three days later he developed acute renal failure, marked acidosis and encephalopathy. His urine showed plenty of oxalate crystals.
The blood anion gap and osmolal gap were increased. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis ?

A. Paracetamol poisoning.

B. Diethy glycol poisoning.

C. Severe malaria.

D. Hanta virus infection.


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Image Based Question-66059


Test shown in the photograph below is used for assessment of ?

A. Colour vision.

B. Visual acuity.

C. Binocular vision.

D. Cataract maturity.


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Image Based Question-66060


Identify the instrument shown in the photograph below ?

A. Slit lamp microscopy.

B. Synoptophore.

C. Indirect ophthalmoscope.

D. Hess screen.


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Image Based Question-65547


DOC for producing Pupillary condition in adults

A. Atropine ointment

B. Phenylepherine

C. Tropicamide

D. Latanoprost


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