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Image Based Question-66186


Type of stridor seen in obstruction of site as marked by a box shown in photograph below is ?

A. Inspiratory stridor.

B. Biphasic stridor.

C. Expiratory stridor.

D. None of the above.


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Image Based Question-65814


A patient presented with skin ulcers , fever, low red blood cells, and enlarged spleen and liver after the bite of a Sand fly.
Culture shows the following picture.Identify the infecting parasite.

A. Giardia.

B. Leishmania.

C. Trypanosoma.

D. Plasmodium.


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Image Based Question-72049


A 25 year old female patient presented with vaginal itching.Pap Smaer examination shows the following findings.What would be the treatment of choice?

A. Cetrizine

B. Erythromycin

C. Metronidazole

D. Fluconazole


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Image Based Question-72050


Identify the etiological agent in this pap smear examination

A. Candidiasis

B. Actinomyces

C. Human papilloma Virus

D. Herpes Simplex Virus


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Image Based Question-65133


The arrow represented in the photograph represents right colic flexure which is formed by the sharp bend between?

A. Ascending colon and Transverse colon.

B. Transverse colon and descending colon.

C. Ascending colon and descending colon.

D. None of the above.


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Image Based Question-65134


The artery represented by a red arrow in the picture below arises from?

A. 1st part of subclavian artery.

B. Thyrocervical trunk of 1st part of subclavian artery.

C. 3rd part of subclavian artery.

D. Internal carotid artery.


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Image Based Question-66635


Grading of Laryngeal View as shown in the image is :

A. I





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Image Based Question-66637


From the following given options, contributions from this famous Anesthesiologist as shown in the image is?

A. Stages of Anesthesia

B. Oropharyngeal Airway

C. Discovering Oxygen

D. Both a and b


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Image Based Question-66639


Identify the famous doctor in the field of Anesthesia (as shown in the image)who made important contributions in the field of Gases

A. Joseph Priestley

B. JY Simpson

C. WTG Morton

D. Guedel


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Image Based Question-66657


Identify the law of Anesthesia shown in the image.

A. Boyle’s Law

B. Charle’s Law

C. Graham’s Law

D. Poiseuille Law


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