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Image Based Question-66669


Identify the type of Laryngoscope shown in the image.

A. Macintosh

B. Miller

C. Mc Coy

D. Bullard


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Image Based Question-66314


Infants receiving the treatment from the apparatus as shown in the picture below have ?

A. Stools tend to be more frequent and watery (Diarrhea).

B. Generally develop a bronze discolouration of skin.

C. Should have their eyes patched during therapy.

D. All of the above.


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Image Based Question-69882


A patient presented with following abnormalities.Defect in which type of the protein shown in the image is responsible for this condition?
(In the third image kidney biopsy is seen and protein structure is shown in the fourth figure)

A. Type I

B. Type II

C. Type III

D. Type IV


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Image Based Question-65884


From the following options,which one is not a basic pattern of the identification feature shown in the picture below ?

A. Lines

B. Loop

C. Whorl

D. Arch


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Image Based Question-67338


Name the disease occuring when the step (as shown in the pathway by an arrow) is deficient?

A. Tay Sach’s Disease

B. Niemann pick disease

C. Metachromatic Leukodystrophy

D. Krabbe Disease


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Image Based Question-66375


Which among the following is false regarding the condition shown in the picture below ?

A. Caused by HHV6

B. Marked erythema of the cheeks or slapped cheek appearance often with relative circum-oral pallor.

C. Infection during pregnancy can result in hydrops fetalis due to fetal anemia.

D. Arthritis is a complication.


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Image Based Question – 66830


Location of Headquarters of International Health Agency shown in Image is :

A. Rome

B. Newyork

C. Geneva

D. New Delhi


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Image Based Question-66879


All are contents of triangle marked by ‘a’ as shown in the image except:

A. Greater Auricular nerve

B. Lessser Occipital Nerve

C. Suprascapular Nerve

D. Occipital Artery


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Image Based Question-66952


All are the contents of the area marked by an arrow in this image except:

A. Pharyngeal vein

B. Lingual Vein

C. Jugulodigastric lymph nodes

D. Glossopharyngeal Nerve


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Image Based Question- 65936


In the picture shown below, number of bullet/bullets coming out of the gun is/are ?

A. 1.

B. 2.

C. 1

D. None


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