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Image Based Question-65826


HLA complex in man is located on DNA structure (photograph) numbered ?

A. 2.

B. 4.

C. 6.

D. 8.


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Image Based Question-65827


A 25 year old woman suffered from weakness in the eye muscles (as shown in the image) which later progressed to weakness in the proximal limb muscles.Weakness is typically least severe in the morning and worsens as the day progresses.
and it gets increased by exertion and alleviated by rest.The auto-immune condition which the patient is suffering from is a which type of hypersensitivity reaction ?

A. Type 1.

B. Type 2.

C. Type 3.

D. Type 4.


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Image Based Question-65442


The shape of an erythrocytes as shown in the blood smear of a patient given below is most commonly seen in cases of?

A. Hereditary elliptocytosis.

B. Iron deficiency anaemia.

C. Thalassaemia.

D. All of the above.


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Image Based Question-65441


The cells marked by a “black arrow” in the blood smear of a patient given below are most commonly seen in cases of ?

A. Sickle Cell Anemia.

B. Thalassemia.

C. Myeloproliferative disorders.

D. Both A & C.


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Image Based Question-66224


Instrument shown in the photograph is used for estimation of ?

A. Hemoglobin.

B. Serum bilirubin.

C. Blood glucose.

D. Urine specific gravity.


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Image Based Question-66280


Identify the hematological disorder shown in the photograph below ?

A. lron deficiency anemia.

B. Megaloblastic anemia.

C. Thalassemia.

D. Lead poisoning.


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Image Based Question-66708


Identify the type of inheritance shown in the Pedigree analysis.

A. Autosomal Dominant

B. Autosomal Recessive

C. X linked Dominant

D. X linked Recessive


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Image Based Question-66741


The histopathological picture of a patient suffering from carcinoma is shown below.The multiple,round figures seen in the image is due to a mineral deposition .It can be seen in all of the following conditions,except:

A. Papillary thyroid carcinoma

B. Adenocarcinoma of Lung

C. Meningioma

D. Squamous cell carcinoma of Tongue.


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Image Based Question-66742


Identify the Histology slide shown in the image.

A. Tonsil

B. Tongue

C. Liver

D. Lymph node


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Image Based Question-65440


Which among the following terms are used to describe the state of an erythrocyte marked by a “black arrow” in the blood smear of a patient suffering from hereditary sphercocytosis.?

A. Spherocytes.

B. Anisocytes.

C. Macrocytosis.

D. Codocytes.


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